Creating professional virtual tours has never been so easy

Up to 5 brackets
No parallax
Shoot & go!

Nodalview's simplicity in one video!

Get more visibility for all your listings with Nodalview. Start your 15 day free trial - no credit card needed!


Automatic 3D Model extraction

  • No extra gear needed
  • No minimal amount of shots
  • No need to build the model yourself


Use our specially designed kit with the Nodalview App.


Your panorama's are automatically assembled with Nodalview.


Integrate tours on your website and share on real estate platforms & social networks.

Shooting with the Nodalview App

Shoot your panoramas with the Nodalview App

Easy to use for everyone

Shooting a panorama with the Nodalview App is as easy as taking a picture. Let the application guide you and create your first panorama in less than one minute.

10K Quality & nodal point

By assembling no less than 8 pictures, Nodalview takes advantage of the powerful camera of your smartphone to create a high definition result with an excellent zoom level. All in 10k professional resolution, 4 times more than 4k and 16 times more than FULL HD! The lens rotates around the nodal point to avoid assembly errors that are common with other, higher priced, 360° cameras in indoor scenes.

Brightness correction

Nodalview detects brightness problems during the capture, and if necessary, take up to 5 shots with different exposures to avoid backlight problems. Only the best pixels of each snapshots are preserved.

The App guides you through the process

Automatic Shooting

Nodalview makes all adjustments in real time: brightness, focus, white balance, etc. Thanks to the rotation sensors, shots can be automatically triggered. The optional motorized head makes the process fully automatic.

Instant availability in the cloud

You don’t have to transfer files or directories from your memory card. No cables needed. No process to launch, no need to keep large files on your phone or computer. With Nodalview, as soon as they are shot, your panoramas are immediately available on your personal cloud.

The Rot@tor

Rotating head for you 360° panoramas

The advantages of the Nodalview Rot@tor :

  • Fast (+- 30 sec / panorama)
  • Automatic shooting
  • Quiet and elegant
  • Professional image with clients
  • Bluetooth connexion with the Nodalview app
  • Rechargable through micro USB

Assemble 360° content on the Nodalview platform

A 100% webbased platform. Nothing to install – You just have to log in.
  • Connect 360° panoramas together in a tour by adding transition arrows between each room.

  • Add additional information with information points, pictures or videos.

  • Add geolocation with Google Maps & Streetview.

  • In the Import manager, import or create 360° content from other devices : drone, ricoh theta, DLSR, 360° camera, ...

  • Enjoy your tours on every device: Computer, tablet, smartphone, VR headsets, ...

Advanced features for the real estate market

Add your Business Card & logo

Stay connected at any time and don’t miss any prospect with your clickable business card embeded into your 360° tours. Customize your tours with the colors of your agency

Integration with your brokerage software

Thanks to our APIs, you can retrieve the details of a property and display it in the description of your 360° visit

Maximum distribution of your tours

Share automatically your tours on real estate portals and on your website.

HD photo extraction

Capture HD photos directly from your 360° panoramas by choosing the frame and zoom level.


Edit your panoramas in your favorite graphic software (Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.)

Add floorplans

Import floorplans and add navigation points.

360° Guided Tour

Stay in touch with your customer !

Invite your clients for a virtual guided tour ! Add family and spouses. Take control of the tour viewed by your client. Perfect fluidity in high definition, and the perfect way to keep in touch with your clients and better understand their needs. A Nodalview Innovation !

  • Be more efficient : No more unnecessary trips to properties.
  • Decide of the best scenario to visit the property.
  • Keep in touch with your customers to better identify their needs.
  • Add as many participants as you wish. You can even organise virtual open houses !


Villa 230m2 - Portugal

Chalet 200m2 - Megève

Loft 210m2 - Brussels


Eric Verlinden
CEO Trevi Group

'With our solid experience in all segments of the real estate market we know that potential buyers and tenants await high standards.

Knowing that 70% of requests come in through the web you quickly realise the importance of the way properties are presented. Visual information has become our main communication vector.

Virtual tours are becoming more and more popular and are becoming not only appreciated, but have almost become normal when searching for a property.

Real estate agents have to integrate virtual tours in their methodology and think forward on how they can integrate this great visual tool in their marketing strategies.

Trevi Group is working in this direction by incorporating virtual tours in all departments.'

Olivier Alonso
Groupe Nestenn, PDG

'The real estate sector is shifting. In a connected world nobody want's to lose time, not the clients, not the agents. With a virtual tour we can easily filter properties that fit our clients' needs. Its time efficient and if properties please virtually then theres a big chance its going to be a perfect fit!'

Marc Jelensperger
Real estate consultant and author of the Agent's Letter

'I've been using Nodalview with my iPhone 5 for a year and have had the opportunity to train 40 agents to use this tool.

I see 5 reasons why every real estate agent should do 360° panoramas with Nodalview:

1-Buyers/Tenants want this kind of visual information (they often ask extra pictures)

2-Sellers highly appreciate the service thus helping to get more properties in your portfolio

3-It's a realy great way to stand out in a competitve market

4-It's realy easy to use (a smartphone, a tripod, and accessoiries with the Nodalview app)

5-Nodalview uses professional photo techniques and produces great qualtiy panoramas'

Arnaud Frich
Author of the Panoramic Photo Guide

'Nodalview takes full advantage of the constant improvement of smartphone sensors, which are at a very good level at this time.

Moreover, its platform makes it possible to assemble panoramic views automatically and link them together in a visit that is particularly suited to real estate needs without any particular knowledge of IT and without having to worry about its hosting.

I recommend this solution for estate agents, and not only for them, because it is the best solution tested to date on this site when you want to move fast and maintain a good quality of services for our customers.'

They trust us!