What you will learn

Embark on a transformative journey with our Real Estate Marketing Course, tailored for the modern agent eager to redefine property presentation. This isn't just a learning experience; it's an evolution, equipping you with cutting-edge techniques to maximise the potential of every listing.

What makes this course unique? It’s designed for the forward-thinking agent, blending technology with a deep understanding of today’s market demands. From mastering AI-enhanced photography to crafting immersive virtual tours, each module is a building block in your journey to becoming not just a modern real estate agent. This course is your gateway to adopting a modern approach, ensuring that your properties don't just get listed, but truly stand out and engage.

Get ready to step into the future of real estate marketing, where your skills, creativity, and passion come together to shape a successful, dynamic career.

Lesson 1

Professional Real Estate Photos

Dive into the world of real estate photography with a focus on utilizing
your smartphone to its fullest potential. Learn the secrets behind
capturing spaces in a way that draws viewers in and makes them feel at

Lesson 2

Home Staging & Photo Editing Tips

Discover the art of home staging and how subtle changes can make a
significant impact. Enhance your photos post-shoot with editing
techniques that bring out the true charm of the property.

Lesson 3

Real Estate Videos that Sell

Learn how to script, shoot, and edit compelling property videos using
just your smartphone. Understand what makes a video engaging and how to
highlight property features dynamically.

Lesson 4

Virtual Tours & Floor Plans

Step into the future of property showcasing with virtual tours and
interactive floor plans. Learn how to create comprehensive overviews of
your properties, offering potential buyers an immersive experience.

Lesson 5

Copywriting & Branding your Listing

Master the art of persuasive copywriting and branding. Learn
how to write compelling property descriptions and market your listings
under a brand that resonates with your target audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this course designed for?

    This course is tailored for real estate agents who are eager to enhance their marketing skills, embrace modern technology, and elevate their property listings. Whether you’re just starting or looking to refine your existing skills, this course offers valuable insights and techniques.

  • Do I need any special equipment to participate in this course?

    No special equipment is required. The course is designed to maximize the potential of tools you already own, specifically your smartphone. We focus on techniques that can be applied using common devices, ensuring everyone can participate and benefit. We do suggest you download the Nodalview app before you start the course.

  • How long is the course, and what is the time commitment?

    The course is structured into five comprehensive lessons. Each lesson
    takes approximately 10 minutes, including learning time and practical
    exercises. However, you can progress at your own pace, fitting the
    course into your schedule.

  • What makes this course different from other real estate marketing courses?

    Our course stands out due to its practical, hands-on approach, and its focus on leveraging technology in real estate marketing. We emphasize real-world applications and ensure that you gain skills that directly enhance your property listings and marketing strategies.

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