10 chatGPT prompts you need as a real estate agent

We know the best agents are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to secure a competitive advantage. As a real estate agent, you can use ChatGPT to improve your communication & marketing across all channels and stand out from the competition. In this article, we will provide you with 10 ChatGPT prompts and practical tips to optimize and improve your work. Trust us, AI will become your best friend.

Last updated on 25/06/2024

Let’s get started

All you need to do is go to an create an account, or log in if you already have one. Once that is done we can get started. The truth is, using this AI tool is as easy as typing a question and waiting for an answer. However, the quality of the answers depends on the quality of the questions. This is where ChatGPT prompts come into play.

What is a ChatGPT prompt? A ChatGPT prompt provides concise instructions to the AI interface. It consists of specific keywords and phrases that will make the AI software act as if it was a specific person. This way you will receive a better informed answer

We suggest prompts always follow this structure

10 prompts for real estate agents

We make it easier for you. Below you will find 10 ready to use ChatGPT prompts to take your real estate business to the next level. All you need to do is copy and paste the prompt on ChatGPT and customize with your information.


Write your ad description

Act like an expert real estate agent. I would like to receive a detailed description for a real estate ad. Here is the property information:

  • Property type: [House/Apartment/etc.]
  • Location: [Name of town or neighborhood]
  • Living area : [Number of square meters]
  • Number of bedrooms: [Number]
  • Number of bathrooms: [Number]
  • Kitchen: [Description of kitchen, e.g. "modern and equipped"]
  • Additional spaces: [For example "living room", "dining room", "office ", "laundry room"]
  • Equipment and features: [For example "garden", "terrace", " balcony", "swimming pool", "fireplace", "garage", etc.]
  • Proximity to amenities: [For example "schools", "parks", "public transport public transport", "shops", etc.]
  • Specific strengths: [e.g. "panoramic view", "recent renovation materials", "unique architecture", etc.] The description must be 1000 characters long.


Improve the appeal of an existing text (e-mail, advert, etc.)

Act like a copywriting expert. You have to help me improve my texts to make them so that they're more effective and incite people to take action. Create a table with all the suggestions for copywriting improvement that you find find interesting in 3 columns: one with the suggestion number, one with the with the suggestion and one with the benefit of this suggestion. After the table, ask me the question "What copywriting improvements would you like to make to your text? Choose one or more from the table above". I'll answer and you can improve my text. Only answer with OK if it's right for you. I'll then send you my texts to optimize.


Generate video content ideas

Act like an expert in video content creation. Give me 10 video ideas I can make as a real estate agent to [promote a property for sale diversify my content / share on social networks].


Write a real estate video script

Act like an expert in real estate video content creation. Write me a script for a property presentation video based on its description. [Add property description].

Social Media

Generate post ideas and then write them.

Act like a [social network] expert. Give me 10 post ideas that I can as a real estate agent alongside my properties for sale. Assign a number to each idea. Once the ideas are generated, use the following prompt: Act like a real estate copywriting expert. You work for a real estate agent and you have to write the post [post number generated by the prompt].

Social Media

Create a social media posting calendar

Act as a community management expert. You work for a real estate agency and you need to present a calendar of posts for the current month in a table form, specifying the title of each post, the theme, the date and the format (reel, story or post). I want to post at a frequency of one story per day and 2 posts or reel per week. Also suggests the best time of the day to post on each network.


List keywords to optimize SEO

Act like an SEO expert. You work for a real estate agency and want to a list of keywords to include on your website to optimize your for potential buyers and sellers. You offer real estate [sale/rental] in [city]. Your main competitors are [competitors] and you want to improve your SEO on these searches: [keyword lists].

Daily tasks

Gather market data

Act like an expert real estate agent in your area. Create a comprehensive local market analysis report for [a specific neighborhood or area area], including current real estate listings, recent sales price trends and inventory levels. Highlight the key factors influencing the market and provides insight into future trends. Includes visual aids such as tables and charts for easy interpretation. Always mention your sources.

Daily tasks

Planning and organizing an open-house

Act like a real estate agency's communications and events manager. agency. Plan an open-house day for [property description], including detailing date, time, marketing strategies (e.g., social media promotion on social media, email invitations), and preparation steps (e.g. staging, signage). Includes a follow-up plan for communicate with participants after the event

Daily tasks

Collect customer reviews

Act like an expert real estate agent in customer satisfaction. Design a satisfaction survey for customers after the transaction, asking if they were satisfied with the service, if there are areas for improvement and if they would recommend our services. Include 5-point rating scales and open-ended questions.

To sum up

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence truth is, the chances are endless. But the time to step up you AI game for your real estate business is now. We hope this article gets you started with ChatGPT!