Smart Fusion

Professional real estate pictures, powered by advanced technology

Editing real estate photos is time-consuming and expensive. That's why we've built our Smart Fusion technologies to help you showcase your properties quickly and efficiently, avoiding hours of editing.

Mobile app

The ideal camera settings, fully automated

Our Smart Fusion Technology uses advanced computer vision to master the complexities of real estate photography. It analyses the shooting environment and automatically adjusts settings for top-notch photos. And it's all available at the tip of your fingers with our Nodalview app.

Smart Fusion

Increase photo quality in a click

Our app takes multiple photos at different exposures, from underexposed to overexposed. Our Smart Fusion selects the best parts of each photo, merging them into one optimised image that showcases your property in the best light. You get a refined photo highlighting your property's unique aspects in just one click.

Smart Filters

Automated enhancements

Our Smart Technology not only takes into account the composition of a scene but also allows you to easily correct common photography issues with filters such as:


For clearer and sharper photos

White Boosting

For better balanced colours

Perspective Correction

For perfectly aligned shots

Nodalview AI

Go even further with Nodalview AI

Tired of losing your valuable time and money on manual editing of your real estate photos? Nodalview AI assists you in editing your pictures in a few clicks. Trained on the best real estate photos, you’ll get the best result instantly.

“Nodalview is a very innovative tool in terms of performance.”

Jean-Luc Brulard Agent Immobilier

Get ready to become a #1 agent

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