Property Smart Links

Track, measure and control traffic on your properties

The Nodalview Smart Links add a layer of intelligence to your content to ensure you maximise online traffic to your property.

Track all your content

Measure and track all the activity on your property listing in one single place. Compare which online channels and social platforms work best for you. Promote properties where you know you’ll get the best results.

Convert online viewers into leads

Smart forms appear the moment the viewer is most interested and engaged. These allow you to capture their contact information and easily differentiate viewers from interested candidates. Giving everyone the seamless online experience they expect.

Know your audience

Ask for visitors’ credentials and restrict viewer access on selected properties to ensure maximum control. Users authenticate once for a seamless and secure experience, all while you track what they see and where their interests lie.

Take informed decisions

Gather engagement data that is easy to understand so you can qualify interested buyers and report detailed information to your sellers. Take informed decisions based on data and invest your energy in the right opportunities.

“Nodalview is a very innovative tool in terms of performance.”

Jean-Luc Brulard Agent Immobilier

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