Real estate videography

Create and share professional property videos in minutes

Say goodbye to the challenges of creating professional property videos. Nodalview empowers real estate agents to effortlessly produce high-quality videos that captivate viewers, saving invaluable time and resources.


Easy Filming and Editing

Ease of Filming and Intuitive Editing Capabilities

With Nodalview, filming a property becomes child's play. Whether you prefer a horizontal orientation for a classic presentation or vertical for platforms like Instagram, our mobile video editor meets your needs.

You don't need to be a real estate video expert to create a seamless sequence: change the order of clips, insert transitions, and tell a compelling story. Save time and avoid the need for external assembly tools or expensive professionals.

Personalisation and Branding

Align Your Videos with Your Brand

In the world of real estate, your brand is everything. Each real estate video you create with Nodalview can be an extension of this identity. Incorporate text overlays to provide more context about a property or highlight unique selling points.

Add your specific colors, logos and other branding elements. Each video will not only be informative, but also a true representation of your brand identity, strengthening your real estate video.

Effortless Sharing and Distribution

Broadcast Your Videos on Various Platforms

Faced with the challenges of distributing content across different platforms, Nodalview simplifies this process for real estate agents. Our editor allows easy uploads to social networks, websites and real estate platforms.

Highlight your real estate video and reach a wider audience. With strategic distribution of high-quality videos, expect increased engagement and leads.

"We can confirm that the quality of our photos & videos have increased since we started working with Nodalview, which has also increased the demand for our properties."

Marta Bernardo Process Manager

See it yourself!

Automatically generated videos, no manual editing. The video of this 75m2 property with 4 rooms took 5 minutes of shooting time!

  • Internal stabilization through our software
  • Automatic transitions and music
  • Automatic layout and branding applied

Hardware used: iPhone 13 Pro + Nodalview 

Get ready to become a #1 agent

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