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New feature - july 2024

Virtual Home Staging

Selling a property that currently has no furniture or don’t like the current interior? Our home staging tools let you generate a new interior in any style you prefer in seconds. Forget about moving furniture around before taking pictures.

New feature - March 2024

Magic eraser

Need to declutter the interior? Quickly remove any unwanted objects in just seconds. Simply highlight what you want gone with the magic brush and our AI will let you forget it was ever there.

New feature - November 2023

Sky Replacement

Don’t wait for the perfect sunny day any more! Replace dull grey skies in your exterior pictures without waiting for the perfect sunny day. With our AI-supported feature, you don't need tech expertise. One click let you add a beautiful sunny sky.

Update - April 2023

Create teams in Nodalview

It is possible that you used to have a single user account that you shared with several people. According to your feedback, this was not ideal for several reasons:

  • all users had access to administrator-only features;
  • you had to change your password as soon as someone stopped working in your agency and inform all users.
  • you could not know directly which property was created by which colleague, or who was using which phone (in case you had too many devices connected).

We heard you and worked to offer you a solution for more flexibility: teams!

Update - February 2023

New floor plan options!

You can now conveniently download your floor plans in various file formats (PDF, PNG, SVG) and create two distinct types of plans:

  • Plans with fixed furniture: This option incurs a cost of 30 Nodalview credits.
  • Plans without fixed furniture: Opting for this choice will require 15 Nodalview credits.

Update - December 2022

Rebranding launch

Simple. Bold. Our new style now available on mobile and desktop. 

Together with estate agents we are setting a new standard - changing the way people find a place to call home. It was time to update the way we present ourselves to the world.

Check the video below for the full story!

Feature - November 2022

Nodalview Floor Plans

Get ready for the brand new Nodalview Floor Plans… No more manual drawing, measuring tape, or old paper documents.

Scan your property and let Nodalview do the rest: automatically generate floor plans with a smartphone and our app in your pocket.

Update - August 2022

Archived and active properties

Hitting your limits too fast or fed up of having many pages of properties on your web platform?

You can now archive properties that you have sold or rented, while still keeping the assets at easy reach and navigate easily through them!

Update - August 2022

User management

We have improved our user and device management system at Nodalview! Manage access to your organization, connected users and devices in just a few clicks.

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