Connect with your clients

We provide a new and personal way of interacting with your clients with a human aspect. Nodalview is built to complement your way of working by connecting to your audience online & offline. Build the best relationships with buyers and sellers in a modern and convenient way.

Reach your audience where they’re present

Your clients are active both online and offline, and expect seamless transitions between both with a remote first mind set. Nodalview allows you to interact with your audience in a new way both online & offline, without losing a personal touch.

Lead the new selling era

Combining online and offline interactions marks a new way of working for real estate agents, offering more freedom for buyers and sellers. Differentiate yourself from other estate agents by using this combination to your advantage and showing how valuable you are.

Show your value

Stand out from competitors by adding valuable digital touch points to your marketing and sales strategy. As homeowners can’t create full online and offline interactions by themselves, showcasing your value to potential clients is key.

Track behaviour & engagement

Track how people interact with your listings to understand what works and what doesn’t. We provide deep insights into every active property listing. You can then focus on the opportunities that have the highest potential.

"Once I started to use Nodalview, the listing that I had difficulties selling got sold in less than a week."

David Bonneel Agency Manager

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