Supercharge your visibility & activate online channels

Attract the right buyers to sell at the highest price. Know where to be present and how to be seen. We help you leverage your online channels with the right format, on the right channel at the right time. Increase your online visibility, and market your properties to the fullest. Talk to the right candidates.

Become a digital marketeer

No need to worry and try to master various social media platforms all at once. Social media is overwhelming and it’s often difficult to know what works best. We guide you through the ins and outs of every platform by providing the right formats for the right channel. Show sellers how your online advertisement strategy will make sure their property gets seen by the right people.

Boost visibility & generate leads

Your audience is online, so don’t miss out on opportunities. Get the most out of your property visuals and your posts by maximising visibility. Get seen by a large audience of potential customers by re-using visuals on different channels all through one platform.

Track your performance

Use data to your advantage. Be the best agent by knowing what works best for your audience. Our timeline provides performance statistics that you can use to make improvements at any given time so you bring the right information to your sellers. Track the performance of all your properties’ activities from social media posts to virtual tour analytics.

Leverage & grow your network

As an agent, you need to show your value over and over again towards both sellers and buyers. Your network and expertise are your key assets - we not only help you grow your audience but also make sure your customers will value your unique perspective! Convince more sellers by showing the reach you have beyond traditional channels and the difference it makes. Offer a modern way of working focused on both offline and online. Speak to more potential candidates because you’re present where they are looking and because they see that you understand their needs.

"Thanks to Nodalview, we get more exclusivity because it helps us differentiate ourselves better."

Jean-Baptiste Morandeau Group Manager

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