Floor plans

Floor plans made easy!

Everything you need to capture precise Floor plans in a few minutes. Always with you whenever you need it. The extra service that makes the difference.

Nodalview’s newest Floor plan service for real estate professionals allows for easy room scanning of your properties for an additional visual asset for your listings. Find out what else you can do with Nodalview!

Increase your selling potential


Professional photos

Pictures are the first thing people see when looking for a house. If they don't meet the expectations, people simply won’t click on your listing. Our artificial intelligence takes up to x pictures to make sure each picture has the best possible lighting.


Immersive virtual visits

Expensive 360° cameras are no longer needed for making panoramas. Nodalview turns your phone into a 360° camera which provides beautiful panoramas to make virtual visits. Once you provide virtual tours, you attract more visitors, work more efficiently and maximise the selling price.


Real estate videography

Although video is extremely important in the current market, video editing can be very intimidating. Nodalview generates beautiful and professional real estate videos for you. All you have to do is drag and drop your visuals in the timeline and our software will do the rest for you.


Floor plans

Floor plans, in combination with professional photos, videos and virtual visits will be the icing on the cake for your real estate listing.

Get your Floor plan in 3 steps!



Go on our Floor Plan tab, start scanning. By simply scanning the baseboards of your property, the software scans the room.


Review & Confirm

Review, confirm and give Floor plans a name. Validate your Floor Plan through the web platform, let us do the magic!



Within 24h your Floor plan is ready to use. Use Nodalview credits to pay for your Floor Plan.

"I highly recommend Nodalview for its ease of use, quality, top-notch virtual tour functionality, as well as the availability of all the other Nodalview services."

Cécile Champailler Real Estate Consultant