Matterport add-on

Upscale your Matterport 3D tour with the Nodalview experience

Take your sales & marketing to the next level by combining your Matterport 3D tour with Nodalview.

  • Use the intelligence of smart links to gain knowledge and report on   the performance of your Matterport 3D tour
  • Turn your Matterport 3D tour into a tour with remote support
  • Manually import your Matterport images and create innovative videos

Gain unique insight thanks to smart links

Gain tracking insights on how your Matterport 3D tour is performing. Build an extended database of candidates and follow up on seekers through the use of smart links. Pre-qualify your candidates and leverage your sales conversations with potential buyers.

  • Public link: A general link to share wherever you want
  • Gated link: A gated link that allows you to receive contact details of candidates who walk through the property virtually after 18 seconds
  • Private link: A private link that only allows candidates to virtually enter the property after an SMS authentication. Receive their contact information within seconds

Increase productivity by a virtual tour with remote support

Stop making unnecessary and inefficient physical visits with candidates that are not potential buyers. Increase your productivity by implementing a guided virtual tour in your sales cycle as a successful real estate agent.


  • Pre-qualify your candidates and hold physical visits only with buyers
  • Save time without making compromises in the quality of your services
  • Gain more hours during your day to do the work that matters, prospecting

Increase your selling potential

Gain more hours in a day by implementing virtual tours in your sales cycle. And keep providing a first class experience to your sellers & buyers by using Nodalview on top of your Matterport 3D tours.


Build and follow up on a bigger audience

Bigger pool of potential candidates who have higher interest in a property.


Show multiple properties remotely

Use the guided virtual tour feature that allows you to switch between properties during your videocall.


Offer a first class experience

Let buyers & sellers have an immersive experience by using modern tools and let them save time.


Increase productivity (of your agents)

Improve the pre-qualification of candidates by offering them agent-guided virtual tours.

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Over 10.000 real estate professionals worldwide have already chosen Nodalview as their sales & marketing partner.


Want to know more?

How does it work: Matterport add-on in Nodalview.

Once you scan the property with your Matterport camera, a unique URL will be generated to view the property as a 3D virtual tour. You can easily add your Matterport public tour link into Nodalview’s web platform. Afterwards, you can easily share a preferred smart link to gain insights.

Does Nodalview create the Matterport 3D virtual tour?

No, you need to do this on your own or have it done by a photographer or a service provider. Nodalview is a solution that allows the real estate agent, to co-attend virtual guided tours with their potential candidates, based on the virtual tour created using Matterport technology.

What are the benefits of using Nodalview?

Nodalview gives you the ability to promote your virtual tours on various channels, and gain insights on who are the interested visitors. By empowering you to interact with potential candidates during a guided virtual tour, you can better pre-qualify the buyer and understand better how the virtual tour is performing. Nodalview allows you to offer a first class experience by the use of guided virtual tours for a more convenient and efficient way of showing properties.

Don't the agents and buyers prefer having physical visits?

Everybody is more demanding and wants to have more time for the things that really matter. A solution like Nodalview is valuable for everyone as it makes their lives easier. A guided virtual tour gives buyers the opportunity to shortlist the properties they are interested in and want to visit in person.

Will the seller be less informed of the work that you do, because of the reduced number of physical visits?

No, you can share insights on the virtual tour with the seller. And on the contrary, sellers don’t like the continuous disruption of unnecessary physical visits and the time it takes.

Can you change or cancel the Nodalview subscription at any time?

Yes, at any time this can be adjusted as the requirements of an agent can change from time to time.