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Attract and maintain long-lasting relationships by creating an unforgettable experience for your customers: from the time they see your ad to the moment they buy or sell their home.

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Less hassle. Less stress.

Just 1 app for multiple tasks that is always in your pocket. Simply create attractive, high-quality images, virtual tours and videos, and distribute your ad on multiple platforms. Get your properties faster to market and make it easy to respond to client demands.

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Happy client. Happy agent.

Clients expect a seamless, online experience alongside a human relationship with an expert that will guide them each step of the way. Put properties on the market faster while putting yourself in the centre of the sale. Do more (online) viewings, to gain a higher interest and eventually sell at a higher price. Meanwhile you’ll also be building your pipeline of future properties to sell.

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Higher ROI with each property

Nodalview increases your online visibility and makes it possible to show it online to more people - saving you time figuring out agendas to do personal viewing. You’ll sell faster, at a higher price, with less effort.

"Nodalview is a huge time saver: it helps with filtering out true buyers and avoiding unnecessary visits. All this with no commitment!"

Jean Yves Tallon Real Estate Consultant

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Seed and early stage venture capital fund for internet and software companies (SaaS) in the Benelux region.

Investing in entrepreneurs with the capacity to create differentiated technology-based products and services.

For companies with disruptive models that leverage technology to transform and improve customer experiences.

Facilitates and completes the financing chain for businesses that create value in the Brussels Capital Region.

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