How to Create a Real Estate Youtube Channel?

Youtube is the most used search engine after Google and the third most visited site in the world. This platform is still little used in real estate, yet it represents a real opportunity to promote your properties and your qualities as a realtor. 73% of owners say that they are more likely to use an agent who uses video marketing.

By creating your own real estate Youtube channel, you will demonstrate real professionalism, build trust among your prospects and increase the number of contact requests.

Last updated on 02/10/2023

How to create a real estate channel on Youtube?

Give your channel an attractive and professional look

Your channel needs a pleasant and coherent visual identity, consisting of a cover image and a logo. These visuals must have good image quality, just like the content of your videos. For this, the Nodalview solution allows you to capture professional quality photos, videos and real estate panoramas.

Don't neglect thumbnails on your videos!
They are the gateway to your Youtube channel. It is advisable to integrate one on each of your videos. Also be consistent by using a standard thumbnail template that will vary depending on the content of the video or playlist you use. Thumbnails with a face are the ones that generate the most clicks on the videos. So don't hesitate to integrate your portrait to humanise your content. Finally, if your thumbnail contains writing, make sure the font is not too thin so that it is readable even on mobile phones.

Pro tip 💡

You can create all your visuals on free image creation and editing webistes such as Canva.

Encourage contact requests

For this, your name, email address and phone number must be visible every time.

Indicate your contact details
on the cover image of your YouTube channel and remember to integrate links to your website and social networks in the dedicated tabs. Also include your contact information in the description of your videos and in a commentary that you can pin at the top of the comments section.

The "about" section of your channel is also important, it's an opportunity to show your personality and make yourself appealing to prospects. Be clear and concise, the objective is that your prospects read this section.

Maximise traffic on your channel

Pay particular attention to keywords. These are the words that Internet users type on Youtube to find a video. Once found, include these words in the title and description of each video.

Also group your videos into different playlists. After viewing a video in a playlist, Youtube will automatically trigger all the other videos in that playlist. With playlists created for specific topics and titles that include the right keywords, your content will be easier to find and you will increase traffic to your channel.

How to interact with your community?

It's important to maintain engagement with your community so that your real estate Youtube channel grows and reaches more potential customers.

Encourage feedback

During each of your videos, actively ask your audience to leave comments and ask questions. Also make sure you respond to all comments left on your real estate Youtube channel, whether good or bad. By responding to comments you show your viewers that their comments matter and you encourage them to interact with you.

You can also use these comments in your future videos. If you receive the same type of questions, share your answers in a video to show that you care about the comments and that you are committed to providing answers and additional information.

Encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel.

You can display a "subscribe" button in all your videos. Some people choose to make it disappear after a few seconds of playback, we recommend that you leave this button throughout the video.

Also remember to describe the concrete benefits that your subscribers will get from you. By example, receiving videos of exclusive properties in preview. You can talk about it during the video, in the comments or in the descriptions of the video.

How to attract more people to your real estate channel?

Publish on a recurring basis

Choose a calendar that fits your schedule. If you're a beginner, plan at least two videos of less than 4 minutes each month. Publish them at the same frequency so your subscribers know when to expect new content from you. This will allow you to develop a loyal and consistent audience.

Share your videos

The more you share your videos, the more they will be seen and create engagement with your prospects. Use them on different platforms such as your website, social media or even in personalized emails. Use all these platforms to increase traffic on your real estate Youtube channel.

Include subtitles to your videos

Don't forget that many videos are watched without sound. This is the case for 80% of videos viewed online. It is therefore important to write subtitles in each of your videos, especially if you are describing a property. To do this, go to the menu of the video and click on the subtitle tab in Youtube.

You now have all the keys to create your real estate channel on Youtube. Get started, and you'll see that by following all these tips, you'll get results that live up to your expectations


To sum up


As they are moving images, videos are a highly effective medium for improving the visibility of your real estate agency. They also give a human dimension to your agency, which results in an increase in the number of contact requests. Indeed, 73% of owners say they are more likely to call on an agent who uses real estate video marketing.


It is important to vary your content and publish content on a recurring basis, at a frequency of at least two 4-minute videos per month. To be seen, share your real estate videos on different platforms such as your website, your social networks, on your agency window or in your e-mails.


First, go to YouTube to create an account and a professional channel. The image of your real estate channel is important. Give it an attractive and professional look by making sure you have a minimum of 2 videos to publish.