Stay ahead of your competition with floor plans

When it comes to property listings, including floor plans can have a huge impact - 93% of buyers say that they are more likely to view a property with a floor plan. Discover why you need to include floor plans in your listings and how to get started!

Last updated on 24/03/2023

Rising popularity of floor plans

A floor plan is a 2D rendering of your property. Capturing the layout of the building, floor, or room. It can include measurements, fixed furniture such as electric appliances, or even built-in storage. They are one of the most desired features on a home listing and have a huge influence in attracting high potential clients.

93% of buyers
are more likely to view a property if they had seen a floor plan before. This makes floor plans a super valuable tool for real estate professionals when it comes to helping sell or rent out a property (Zillow, 2017).

They used to be considered a luxury asset due to the amount of work and costs involved in creating them. Creating a floor plan would involve manual measurements and carefully sketching spaces based on that data. Luckily, those days are over with many floor plan applications now available and ever more popular.

Why you need floor plans, now

Photos, virtual visits, videos and floor plans are all powerful assets that accelerate real estate marketing. This type of rich media contributes to the seamless experience when buying or selling a property. Currently more than half the properties on the market don’t have floor plans, which is why adding a floor plan to your listings bring many advantages.

Increase views on your listing

The more views your listing gets, the more and the better the candidates you’ll be getting. Adding a floor plan to a real estate listing can increase click-throughs from buyers by 52% (

Differentiate yourself

Stand out from the competition. About half of the properties on the market don’t have a floor plan available. Floor plans are seen as an added value or service you provide as a real estate agent.

Positive reviews

Positive reviews are very important. 90% of home buyers who search online rank floor plans and virtual tours as a ‘very useful’ feature (National association of realtors®). Providing a floor plan improves the experience you offer to your customers and motivates them to leave a positive review of your services.

Last but not least, floor plans give home buyers the confidence to know what they’re walking into. While other visuals convince the heart, floor plans convince the mind.

Create your own floor plan with Nodalview

No more sketching, old paper documents or measuring tape: you can now create your own floor plans just with your smartphone and the Nodalview app! Yes, we added a brand new floor scanning module to our arsenal. This makes us the only platform you’ll need to make all your visual content for your property listings. Through our most advanced smartphone technology, you can now independently produce all the content you need for your marketing kit.

With our ALL-IN-ONE platform you can create:

  • High quality visuals - Pictures are the first thing people see when looking for a house. If your property visuals don’t look amazing, nobody will click on your listing. Our technology enhances your property visuals, enabling you to capture photos & panoramas through your mobile phone. Without the need for a professional camera or photographer.

  • Immersive virtual visits - Expensive 360° cameras are no longer needed for making panoramas. Nodalview turns your phone into a 360° camera that makes beautiful panoramas for virtual visits. Enabling you to offer personal immersive virtual visits. Once you provide virtual tours, you attract more visitors, work more efficiently and maximise the selling price.

  • Real estate videography - This is extremely important in the current market, but video editing can be very intimidating. Nodalview generates beautiful and professional real estate videos for you. All you have to do is drag and drop your visuals in the timeline and we will do the rest for you.

  • Real Estate Floor Plans - Making a floor plan was never easier! This asset combined with professional photos, videos and virtual visits will be the icing on the cake for your real estate listing. And a great tool to stand out from the crowd.


To sum up

Adding a floor plan to your real estate ad had multiple advantages - increase views on your listings, differentiate yourself from the competition, and even have more positive reviews, as floor plans are seen as an extra service you provide as an estate agent.

Yes, you can now create your own floor plans just with your smartphone and the Nodalview app! Find out more about this feature here.