How to deliver a 5-star experience to your buyers?

The real estate market has undergone a major turnaround by becoming a buyer's market. With this shift, your role as an agent has also changed. It is now essential for you to put the buyer at the centre of the process and ensure a 5-star experience for them.

Last updated on 02/10/2023

The importance of using high quality content in real estate advertising

When it comes to selling or renting a property, online visibility is a crucial element in reaching potential buyers. To stand out in an increasingly competitive market, the use of high quality content has become essential.

High quality photography :
High quality photos are a key element in real estate advertising. They give a clear picture of the property and arouse the interest of potential buyers. Real estate ads with quality photos have 4 times more visibility than those with poor quality photos.

Virtual tours :

The virtual visit is an asset that is gaining popularity in real estate advertising. It allows buyers to discover the property in an immersive way, as if they were there. This can be a competitive advantage for those who decide to use it.

Videos :

Video is a popular medium within real estate advertising. It allows the property to be presented in a dynamic and engaging way. Real estate ads with videos have 5 times more engagement than those with only photos. In addition, videos reinforce the property's showcase on social networks and offer differentiation from competing listings.

Good to know

Virtual tours are used in only 10% of real estate ads, videos for only 0.5%. With these slim numbers, you’ll make sure to stand out when you use a video in your ad!

The contribution of autonomous solutions

The use of qualitative and rich media in real estate advertising is a wise choice to stand out, moreover, with new innovative solutions, these media are affordable and easy to produce.

Autonomous solutions like Nodalview and our partner SweepBright allow agencies and agents to manage more properties in a qualitative way while reducing their budget. Our solution turns a simple smartphone into a powerful marketing tool. By reinventing real estate discovery and providing better customer support, we offer a collaborative platform that makes the real estate experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.

"The best thing about Nodalview is the relationship we have with CEO Thomas Lepelaars, and his entire team who are right by our side when we need it."

Anthony Folliot Agency Manager

Optimising the transaction phase

Advising buyers :
It is essential to position yourself as an advisor to buyers. In order to do so, you need to anticipate customers' questions, understand their buying journey and identify the moments when stress can arise. When a customer is properly informed about the issues at stake, they are more relaxed.

Dealing with the unexpected :

This is one of your daily challenges. Indeed, unexpected situations can arise at any time in a real estate transaction. This is why, in order to be effective, you must be agile and be able to quickly propose alternatives to move the transaction forward. To do this, it is important to have regular exchanges with the buyer and not only with the seller, in order to keep them informed of all the progress of the transaction and to take into account their needs and constraints.

Saving time through mobility and automation :

Time is your most valued asset. This is why it is important to optimise it as much as possible in order to offer a quality service to your customers. There are two ways to do this: mobility and automation. With mobile tools, you can work efficiently anywhere and double your efficiency while providing personalised follow-up to your customers. It is even possible to automate up to 50% of your tasks, such as live estimating, follow-up, reminders, etc.

Pro tip 💡

An agency in your pocket

SweepBright is a business software designed for real estate advisors, allowing them to give their clients the time they deserve. With its "mobile first" approach, accessibility is optimal, allowing a real estate agency to be in your pocket. Sweepbright offers automation of tasks such as mailing, invoicing and fee calculation, and many others which has resulted in over 10 million automated tasks since January 2022 and a 50% increase in user productivity.

A better buyer experience means convincing future sellers

Today's real estate market brings new demands on real estate agents. Sellers want their agent to use digital tools to promote their property. 70% of sellers prefer to work with an agent who offers a virtual visit as part of their sales strategy. Furthermore, sellers are also looking for real market data, especially when taking out a mandate. 75% of first-time sellers say they are reassured by an advisor who can provide them with accurate information on the property market.

It is therefore crucial to show your added value to potential sellers. To do this, you need to provide relevant data on the property market to demonstrate your expertise and know-how in the face of competition from individuals wishing to sell their property alone. By explaining how you use digital tools to find the right buyer, you can also demonstrate your ability to accompany sellers through the selling process.

It is important to consider that buyers can also be sellers or future sellers. By nurturing their buying experience, you can build trust with them and support them in their future selling project.

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To sum up

To stand out from the crowd, the use of high quality content has become essential. Do not hesitate to use the following tools :

You need to be able to not only advise your buyers efficiently, but also be prepared to deal with unexpected situations that may arise at any time in a real estate transaction. To do this you need to free up time, through mobility but also through automation through SweepBright the business software designed for real estate advisors, which allows them to give their clients the time they deserve!