How virtual experiences are shaping the future of real estate

Do you want to stay on top of your game and in the mind of all your potential clients?

Watch this webinar with Martin Bromfield (Partnerships Director Matterport) and Thomas Lepelaars (CEO & Co-Founder Nodalview) to find out more on how to leverage your visual assets for a winning sales strategy. Did you know that 95% of the buyers are more likely to scan listings that have virtual viewings and remote appointment visits, than those that do not? And, that 20% of offers made on homes were made with no in-person visit? Yes, that is right. According to a Matterport study offering an immersive 3D content on listings can have a substantial positive impact on people seeking a property online!

Last updated on 06/07/2023

What will you learn?

  • First-hand insights on the market and the changing consumer expectations. What impact does Metaverse create on the real estate market?
  • The importance of virtual assets and remote interactions. How this allows you to speak to more people and bring more value to every listing.
  • The key to success is exceeding expectations in an overheated and dominant market today. How do you do that?