Nodalview Teams Up with PriceHubble to Elevate Real Estate Professional’s Services

Nodalview and PriceHubble have joined forces to bring real estate agents a comprehensive toolkit for successful marketing. Together, they're bringing real estate professionals a powerful toolkit that will help them reach more potential clients and secure tomorrow’s listings.

Last updated on 24/05/2023

But first, let us take a closer look at the respective capabilities of Nodalview and PriceHubble. Nodalview is the modern real estate professional’s go-to platform, which streamlines the process of capturing breathtaking visuals, promoting visibility and reinforcing meaningful connections with customers.

PriceHubble, on the other hand, is renowned for providing the most reliable, accurate and up-to-date property data in the industry. They are the leading experts in their field and have a unique set of innovative tools and features to help real estate professionals make the most of the information they provide. From comprehensive market insights to automated valuations, PriceHubble has the ability to provide real estate professionals with the data they need to make informed decisions and achieve successful results. PriceHubble not only shows the classic real estate data, but also provides extensive data on the location, the surroundings (e.g. environmental data), construction projects in the neighbourhood, infrastructure, socio-economics or ESG related data.

So, what does this mean concretely?

By combining Nodalview's platform with PriceHubble's property data, real estate professionals have access to a wealth of information that will set themselves apart from their competition.

Property Advisor - PriceHubble's tool to analyse and value property and create comprehensive reports - now also offers the possibility to include the most modern way of presenting a property - virtual tours.

Creating snappy property reports isn't just about conducting accurate valuations and creating stunning collateral to win new listings. With more and more real estate agents using the same collateral to showcase properties to potential buyers, it's essential to find new and innovative ways to stand out from the crowd to win that new listing.

Virtual tours have the advantage of being diffused in many various ways. Some show them off in their office on big screens to  offer a first tour from there, others send them by email to interested parties. Nodalview also offers the possibility to host guided virtual tours - property visits from the comfort of your home. 

Remote viewings lowers barriers and encourages visitors to inquire about listings more often. That way, real estate professionals can build personal relationships by getting to know customers early on. Furthermore, they get to qualify buyers and identify future opportunities efficiently and show more properties in less time.

For Nodalview customers, adding their virtual tour to their PriceHubble Property Advisor Page allows them to increase their returns by using their virtual tours in yet another modern and innovative way!

PriceHubble clients are eligible for an exclusive Nodalview offer!

In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, it's crucial to find ways to highlight the quality of your services and stay ahead of the competition. That's why Nodalview and PriceHubble have come together to give them the tools you need to succeed. Nodalview's CEO sums it up perfectly:

Especially in today’s global context, it has become crucial for real estate professionals to find the right ways to highlight the quality of their services and stay ahead of the competition.

Thomas Lepelaars CEO & co-founder of Nodalview

To sum up:

  • Nodalview and PriceHubble are leading the industry in the use of innovative technologies and combined with their comprehensive services, the partnership is providing real estate agents with the latest tools and trends to make their marketing efforts successful.
  • PriceHubble customers have an exclusive offer at Nodalview. Check it out!