How to get the most out of your Ricoh Theta Images

The Ricoh Theta camera has become popular in the real estate industry for many reasons, it has convinced its users with its simplicity and reasonable price. In just one click, your 360° image is taken and ready to be used. But how exactly can you use it and what innovative ways are there to use it for your real estate marketing? Here is your guide to get the best out of your Ricoh Theta images combined with Nodalview’s technology.

Last updated on 24/03/2023

Assemble your panoramas into an immersive virtual tour

360° images are great to show the dimensions of a space, but you need to make it both intuitive and navigable for your virtual visitors! You can easily stitch your Ricoh panoramas together and create a virtual tour on the Nodalview platform. Simply add your arrows, some descriptions and voilà, your Ricoh Theta virtual tour is ready!

Share your virtual tours the right way
It’s never been easier to track and analyze the performance of your virtual tours. We offer you full control by choosing between public, gated and private smart links for your tours.

  • Public link: no restrictions, everyone is able to do the entire tour
  • Private link: access is allowed after leaving contact information behind and completing SMS-verification.
  • Gated link: This gives access to the virtual tour for a limited time which is followed by a pop-up asking visitors to leave their contact details behind if they want to do the full tour

Invite your candidates to a guided virtual tour

When your virtual tour is assembled and ready to go, why not opt for an online viewing of the property? With Nodalview, you can easily guide your prospects virtually through your property for the best experience. With online access, you can also easily switch from one property to another.

Avoid time conflicts and qualify your potential buyers better
There is nothing more frustrating than trying to make everyone’s calendar work. By organising an online visit first, you avoid having to wait too long before finding an appropriate time slot and only bother your sellers when the interest is confirmed. This way, you only come with the highest potential buyers to your seller’s home, which demonstrates your professionalism.

Save time… and money
Trips to and from the property can take up quite some precious time you could be spending on other things. Now more than ever, these trips can become quite expensive in the current economic climate. Staying home is not only favorable but also very practical: you can easily switch from one property to another in just one click, in case you find out there’s a better fit with another property in your portfolio.

Use your Ricoh Theta panoramas in your promotional videos

Another way to use your panoramas is in your promotional videos. We are all aware of the engagement videos generate on social media today, so make sure to jump on the bandwagon! Reuse your 360° Ricoh Theta images to make your videos stand out, it is guaranteed to give an interesting effect of depth to your content.

Pro tip 💡

Make sure you grab the attention of the viewer with an intro that’s both interesting and informative.

Ultimately, the goal of your video is that potential clients get in touch with you. That is why you’ll want to end the video with a clear message that encourages people to take action. You can do this by showing your contact details to invite them to reach out.

Your Ricoh Theta camera is a wonderful tool for your real estate marketing. With Nodalview’s intuitive software, you’ll be able to fully exploit your 360° images for the ultimate client experience


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