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Markets are constantly evolving. Remember how transferring money from one bank account to another required you to go to the bank and do everything manually? Well, now we are able to do that from our phones and we even expect instant money transfers. These sky-high expectations apply to every industry, and that includes real estate.

Processes in real estate remained unchanged for a long time but change is finally upon us. Digital natives expect so much from companies these days. Going from offline to online and vice versa should be seamless. But how can you live up to that expectation as a real estate agent?

Last updated on 23/03/2023

Maximize reach by combining offline and online marketing for real estate agents

When people are on the hunt for a new house, every “for sale” sign attracts their attention. By the time they get home, they’ve seen so many that they forgot most of the agencies. Chances are that your house was a perfect match for that one passer-by. If only you could show people that pass by what the house looks like from the inside, right?

Technology these days allows us to do so much more than it did a few years ago and on top of that it’s also widely accepted. A few months ago, you couldn’t even order a drink without scanning a QR-code. Since then, everyone is able to scan QR-codes and it facilitates so many processes. The potential of the QR-code remains undiscovered within the real estate market, yet it could be an extremely valuable tool.

Easy and quick

Imagine walking by a beautiful house and being able to scan a QR-code which redirects you to a virtual visit of that specific property. Not only is this a quick and easy way to show bypassers what the house looks like, you will be able to increase traffic. This will eventually increase in a higher demand for your property. And the law of demand and supply teaches us that the higher the demand, the higher the price. At the end of the day, that’s what all real estate agents aim for right?

The use of QR-codes on “for sale” or “for rent” signs may sound like a small change but it could be a big step forward. At Nodalview, we’ve always believed that great customer experience is crucial for every company. The implementation of new techniques such as this one are super easy to implement and go hand in hand with big advantages. Although it is actually a very small change, an Innovation such as this one helps you to stay top-of-mind as an agent. On top of that, you also improve your customer experience.

It may sound like a complicated matter to many, but doing this is very easy. Nodalview allows you to do exactly this within the platform. Once you’ve created your link, you just have to generate a QR-code and print it on your sign and you’re good to go!

Stay up to speed with digitization

The page you redirect people to when scanning the QR-code is entirely up to you. Either you redirect them to the traditional listing, but you could also set-up a page specifically for the people that scan the code. This is where you can get creative. Do you want to give them a sneak peek of a virtual visit and make them excited for a guided virtual visit or a physical visit? Afterwards you can have a pop-up asking them to leave your contact information, a pop-up to book a meeting or a pop-up to schedule an in-person tour.

If people end up on your page after scanning the QR-code, it’s important you do two things:

  1. You have to succeed in making the visitors excited to visit the house physically
  2. Convince people to make an appointment for an in-person tour

Imagine that you give people access to the virtual visit of the property for 30 seconds. When time’s up, you provide them with a pop-up asking them to leave their contact information if they are interested to see more. Or you could also redirect them to a meeting page after 30 seconds where they have access to your agenda so they can pick a time slot that fits their schedule. With tools such as Nodalview, the possibilities are endless.

With the use of smart links you can gain control over the way people pre-visit your property.

Increase traffic with QR-codes

A QR-code can do much more than simply redirecting people to a landing page, it’s a tool. A tool that allows you to measure the increase in traffic, a tool that will help you increase your leads and last but not least: a tool that will help you increase your sales and the price at which you sell.

Data is indispensable in businesses
these days. Imagine you have a QR-code outside a house that you’re selling/renting out. Everyone that scans this house is essentially in the market for a new house. If everyone scans your QR-code and leaves behind their contact information, you end up with a list full of potential customers.

You can for example create 2 lists; one for people who scanned a house that was for sale, and one for people who scanned a house that you were renting out. Now every time you have a new house in your portfolio, you can send it out to everyone in the list. Data collection allows you to do more business in a short amount of time.

To conclude

You have to be on top of your game to stay relevant in the current market. The customer expects and demands so much nowadays and innovating is the only way to deliver. Combining offline and online is a perfect way to do this now that everyone is familiar with the use of QR-codes.

Since the use of QR-codes has so much advantages, we’ll list them once more:

  • You make sure that every potential buyer has seen your property from the inside
  • You deliver a great customer experience and live up to the expectations of the customer
  • More reach means more possible demand which results in a higher sales price
  • You have yet another argument to convince people to work with you
  • Chances are people start talking about your agency because of the great experience
  • Collecting contact information is a breeze

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To sum up

A QR code is an image consisting of black and white blocks. The creator of the QR-code can set what the QR-code should redirect to. When you point the camera of your smartphone to the QR-code, you will be redirected to the page the creator has chosen.

First of all, it allows bypassers to get a first impression of the inside of the house immediately. Moreover, they will not forget which house they passed since they already have the advertisement on their smartphone by scanning the QR code.

No, not at all. The site we refer to in the article allows you to create a QR code. You only have to indicate to which link the QR code should refer. Then the website does the rest and a QR code is generated.