Video Home Tours vs. 360° Virtual Tours in Real Estate

In this article, we're going to explore two modern methods for showcasing properties: video house tours and 360° virtual visits. We'll break down the differences, delve into when and how to use each effectively and provide valuable insights into the pros and cons of video property tours and the advantages of 360° virtual tours.

Last updated on 26/04/2024

1. The Magic of 360° Virtual Tours

No more fixed, static perspectives. With 360° Virtual Tours, we are immersed in boundless exploration from the comfort of home.

These tours are more than just photographs. They invite potential buyers into a digitally rendered version of a property, allowing them to "walk" through, look around, and even zoom in on specific areas, offering an unmatched depth of exploration. This experience is like being in an open house but without the constraints of time or geography.

The Advantages:

  • Open 24/7: One of the major advantages is the round-the-clock availability. Potential buyers from different time zones, or those with packed schedules, can still explore the property anytime they wish, making it a convenient tool for both agents, selling clients who still live at the property and buyers.
  • A Glimpse into Tech Evolution: The behind-the-scenes tech of 360° virtual tours is nothing short of fascinating. Advanced photography techniques combined with sophisticated software stitch together a cohesive, navigable tour that's responsive and user-friendly. The sophistication of this tech ensures that the virtual experience is smooth, detailed, and incredibly lifelike.

The Downsides

  • Tech Requirements: You might need specialized equipment and software to create them.

1.2. How to Create a Virtual Tour

Creating a virtual tour is a step-by-step process. Here's the breakdown:


Capture Images

Use a 360° camera or your smartphone (if it has 360° capabilities) to capture images of the property.


Stitch them Together

Use specialized software to stitch the images into a seamless tour.


Add the Magic

Customise your tour with interactive elements like navigation arrows and other indicators.


Let It Shine

Publish the virtual tour on your website, property listings, and social media to make it shine.

💡 Pro tip:

Implement Smart Links to create private or gated access portals. This ensures that your valuable content isn't openly available to just anyone online. Not only does this improve security and privacy, but it also provides invaluable data insights, allowing you to track who's engaging with your content and how they're interacting with it. Smart Links are the key to adding an extra layer of exclusivity and analytics to your virtual tours.

2. The Power of Video House Tours

Here's where the narrative takes center stage. Video Home Tours are well-designed property tours with engaging scripts and captivating visuals.

Each property has a story, and Video Home Tours provide the medium to tell it. Through well-sequenced shots and artful storytelling, these tours create a narrative that showcases not just the property but also its soul.

The Advantages:

  • Guided, Yet Personal: While 360° Virtual Tours lets users explore on their own, Video Home Tours guide viewers through the property, ensuring that they don't miss out on any key features. This guided experience can also be customized, depending on the target audience, which makes it a versatile tool in the agent's pockets.
  • Dynamic Perspectives: Unlike static images or even 360° tours, videos can capture the dynamics of a space: the play of sunlight through windows, the gentle sway of garden plants, or the calming ripple of a pool. This fluidity makes Video Home Tours a more sensory-rich experience.

The Downsides:
  • Tech and Know-How: Creating professional-looking video tours may require some level of skill and the need for editing software. However, with Nodalview, becoming a pro is made accessible to everyone in no time.
  • Interactivity: Compared to virtual visits, they offer limited interactivity. Viewers can't explore at their own pace.

2.1. How to Use Video Tours for Real Estate Listings

Creating impactful video house tours doesn't have to be daunting. Here's your guide:


Plan Ahead

Outline your tour. What are the key points you want to cover? Create a script or shot list.


Let There Be Light

Proper lighting is key to showcasing the property in its best light (pun intended).


Add Your Voice

Consider adding narration or voiceovers to guide viewers through the property.


Polish It

Editing is your friend. Trim and refine your video for a polished, engaging final product.

💡 Pro tip:

Dive deep into the art of video marketing with our comprehensive guide. We've elaborated on each of the points above, providing you with expert insights and tips to swiftly master the craft of creating compelling property videos that leave a lasting impression.

3. When to Use Each Method

Alright, now that we've laid out the details, let's talk strategy. The choice between video house tours and 360° virtual visits depends on your property, your target audience, and your marketing game plan.

  • Video House Tours: Use these when you want to engage potential buyers with a compelling narrative, showcase unique features, and create that emotional connection. They're ideal for properties with standout characteristics.

  • 360° Virtual Visits: Opt for virtual visits when you want to provide a fully immersive experience, regardless of the property's size or visual appeal.

3.1. Combining the Power of Both: Your Winning Formula

As an innovative real estate agent, you can amplify your success by using both methods. Start with a captivating video tour to capture attention and create interest. Then, provide a link to a 360° virtual visit for those who crave a walkthrough.
Here's the exciting part! Platforms like Nodalview make it incredibly easy to create stunning video house tours and 360° virtual visits.

With Nodalview, you can

  • Capture Like a Pro: Use your smartphone to capture high-quality panoramas and videos. No expensive or difficult-to-use equipment required.

  • 360° Magic: Create interactive 360° virtual tours effortlessly. Show off properties in their full glory.

  • Seamless Integration: Weave these elements into your property listings, crafting a compelling, unified presentation.

So, why limit yourself to one when you can harness the strengths of both?

A combined approach takes property listings to uncharted territories of engagement.

Capturing the Essence
While 360° tours offer depth and exploration, video tours provide narrative and emotion. A property listing that offers both gives potential buyers a holistic sense of the property.

Modern Tools for Modern Agents
Platforms like Nodalview are making this blended approach more accessible than ever. With intuitive interfaces and tools, even beginners can capture professional-grade content, be it 360° images or crisp video footage.

Unified Presentation

When done right, integrating both 360° Virtual Tours and Video Home Tours creates a cohesive presentation that is both engaging and informative, offering potential buyers everything they need to make informed decisions.

In sum

We've highlighted when and how to deploy both video tours and 360° virtual tours effectively, emphasizing that both are a valuable asset for all types of properties. We've also provided practical tips on creating engaging video tours and immersive property experiences.

With Nodalview, you have the power to create both video tours and 360° virtual visits with ease. No need for multiple tools or complex processes. Whether your property is a cozy apartment or a luxurious mansion, Nodalview empowers you to showcase them all in the best possible way. Take control of your property presentations and shine in the competitive real estate market with Nodalview by your side.

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