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Christophe Diraison, director of a Lafôret Quimperlé, leading a team of 9 estate agents

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Last updated on 02/10/2023

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The thing that makes Christophe unique? After a rocky road at school, he has taken his future into his own hands by educating himself on technology. He calls himself an “avant-guardiste”, always on the lookout for new technologies and how to twist them around to make his business as successful as possible.

Christophe’s team adopted Nodalview in 2019 when Nodalview only counted a handful of employees. Since then, both businesses have grown and been through the ups-and downs of lockdowns and other crises. Now, Nodalview counts a little over 80 employees and Christophe’s agency has been ranked among the highest-performing agencies of the Laforêt franchises in France.

Let’s reflect on this journey.

You started using Nodalview mainly for the photo part at the beginning, how did you take your photos before and why did you transition to Nodalview?

After using these pocket cameras that were popular back in the good old days, it was the introduction of the smartphone that changed our way of making visuals. We remember thinking ‘Hey, we won't need cameras anymore or need to share one between us in the agency to take our pictures, it's great!’ But the end result was not homogenous at all.

The problem with smartphone cameras is that it varies from model to model. So, for the same agency, we had different results and photo qualities: either very qualitative, mediocre, or even poor. Nodalview brought me the homogeneity that I was looking for. Whether it's Christophe or Mylène taking pictures with the application, the quality will always be the same - of high standard - and that's what interests me.

When our customers visit our website, they don't see a difference from one property to another because the quality is always there.

Do you also want a homogenous result from your real estate photography?

What’s the perception of your potential buyers and sellers on digitalisation, social media and how it ties into your role as an estate agent?

Was it easy to set up and what has it changed in the daily lives of your brokers?

Change is always a little complicated. We all like to stay in our familiar habits. Nevertheless, after a good demonstration and seeing the end result, everyone was a fan. They understood that it was a way to differentiate themselves from the competition with an easy tool and without wasting time. You have to get used to it at first, but as soon as you understand the advantages, you get used to it very quickly. It now became part of their daily lives.

How do you use the virtual guided tour system of Nodalview?

Are you still using Nodalview so much, even outside of lockdowns?

Yes, it's addictive! Initially, we used Nodalview mainly for photography because it was a very qualitative tool and only started with virtual visits later. We truly understand the interest of continuing to do virtual visits: it has become essential for our customers. They appreciate avoiding an unnecessary trip, an unproductive physical visit and going to visit a house that doesn't end up matching the expectations. With a virtual visit, we are able to prequalify our candidates and only organise a physical visit when there is a real match.
It is difficult to quantify, but I would say that out of 10 virtual visits we filter down to 2 or 3 physical visits, of which we always end up with an offer. It is a huge time saver and productivity gain to avoid these 7-8 physical visits in the end. It frees up time to find new listings to bring in!

Optimise the results of your virtual tours with Nodalview

What convinced you to join Nodalview and do you have any last points to add?

When our customers visit our website, they don't see a difference from one property to another because the quality is always there.

Christophe Diraison Director at the Laforêt agency in Quimperlé, France

Christophe’s success formula:

  • Virtual tours are good, but guided virtual tours are better.
    By accompanying your online visitor rather than letting your virtual tour link open to anyone, you make sure that you aren’t:
    1. Creating content that is at the disposition of your competition (on a non-exclusive listing for example).
    2. Losing on the human connection with your potential clients (and keep providing the best possible service).
    3. Losing time on unnecessary trips and unqualified visits.

  • Social media? An opportunity to create a need rather than waiting for a listing to fall onto your lap.
    While most real estate clients have a particular project in mind, someone might unexpectedly fall for a property through a share or a like. You never know who will be inspired to start a project thanks to your posts!

  • Last but not least: to become a top-performing agency, you can’t make any compromises on quality and professionalism.
    New tools do cost some time and money to implement, but in a hyper-competitive landscape with extremely demanding consumers, it is necessary to take the time to look for the best possible solutions to make a long-lasting positive impact on your business.

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