Perfectly exposed HDR images taken with your smartphone

Up to 11 brackets
Wide Angle Pro Lens
Instant preview
Shoot & go!

Nodalview's simplicity in one video!

Get more visibility for all your listings with Nodalview. Start your 15 day free trial - no credit card needed!

Shoot & Upload

Use our specially designed kit with the Nodalview App.

Share & Publish

Boost your visibility on real estate platforms & social networks.

Capture With the Nodalview App

Shoot your HDR photos with the Nodalview App

Professional Hdr quality

By shooting a high-speed burst of no less than 11 pictures of the same scene at different exposures, Nodalview takes advantage of every pixels of your smartphone's camera. Individual brackets are immediately blended on powerful servers with the best algorithms, to deliver stunning results that rival DSLR's quality, no more backlight or exposure problems.

Instant availability on the cloud

You don’t have to upload pictures manually. No cables needed. No process to launch, no need to keep large files on your phone or computer. With Nodalview, as soon as they are shot, your photos are immediately available on your smartphone and your personal cloud on the 100% web Nodalview platform.

Easy to use for everyone

Once setup on the tripod with the wide-angle lens, shooting and publishing an HDR picture with the Nodalview App is in fact easier than the native app on your smartphone. Just tap the "Shoot" button and you are done !

A Compact & Simple Kit


Compact tripod and ajustable holder


Your smartphone

Nodalview 360° lens

The power of HDR

Loading comparaison files...
Move the slider to see the difference. Whatever the lighting conditions, no more bad shots!

The perfect Field of View

With our special wide-angle lens, you get the best field of view for shooting real estate properties.

Smartphone or DSLR ?

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With Nodalview 360° lens

With Sigma 10-20mm Lens

With Nodalview 360° lens

With Nodalview 360° lens

With Sigma 10-20mm Lens

With Nodalview 360° lens

Can you see the difference?... (Because we can't)


Marc Jelensperger
Real estate consultant and author of the Agent's Letter

' Nodalview's HDR photo application make real estate photography affordable by allowing real estate agents to make professional photos (thus selling and renting faster):

  • Quick (30 seconds / photo)
  • Easily and without any technical knowledge.
  • Without having to invest in a DSLR camera
  • Without having to edit their photos
  • For 20 times less than a professional photographer

After 3 months of using Nodalview I'm completly satisfied !'

They trust us!