Boost your real estate communication

The way you communicate your real estate business is essential to keep it growing. Today, most businesses focus their communications online – trying to reach customers at every stage of their buying journey. For the real estate industry, this means reaching potential customers when they’re looking to buy or sell a property, attracting them on the real estate agent website and then converting them to clients.

In this article, we’re giving you some of the keys to communicate with your prospects and customers effectively to boost your visibility and business results.

Last updated on 08/03/2024

Show your professionalism on social media

Promote your expertise

Every (future) owner and buyer wants to choose the best estate agent – they’ll evaluate you and your know-how before contacting you. Communicating the quality of your services as a real estate agent is therefore essential to succeed in the first step of the customer journey. Find out in our previous article how to create a qualitative customer experience.

What’s better than social media to highlight your professionalism? Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok give you the opportunity to showcase your image as an experienced real estate professional. By being active on social media and posting regularly about your day-to-day working life, you show your personality and demonstrate you’re a modern professional. The perfect combination to be remembered online.

Consider posting about your successes. For example, publish a recent sale that you made or share positive reviews from former clients. This is an easy way to get recommendations. 

Video: a formidable tool for your real estate communication

Video is ideal for conveying a professional and modern image. While many estate agents already use it to promote their properties, not enough use it to showcase their expertise.

At a time when 73% of homeowners prefer to use an agent who uses video marketing, it’s crucial to integrate it into your real estate communication strategy. To do this, create videos that advertise both your skills and your knowledge of the market. These can be videos of you, your agency or your staff. 

We recommend trying to record short videos of customer testimonials after each signing. It’s a great way to show authenticity. Nodalview lets you make these videos from your smartphone and edit them very easily.

Thomas Lepelaars - CEO of Nodalview

“Video is one of the best media to talk about a property but moreover, about you! It is fundamental to use it to showcase your different services and present your personality and accessibility. Plus, it’s the most watched format on social media which gives you extra opportunity to get new clients.”

Attract more customers to your ads

Optimise the reach of your ads

The diffusion of your ads is an important aspect of any good real estate communication. Use all available platforms: your website, real estate portals, not to mention social networks. With attractive posts, you can increase the number of contacts from your ads.

On Facebook, you can publish your ads in the form of advertising campaigns. Thanks to its targeting system, Facebook ensures that your ads are placed on the feeds of the right people. The result: you will attract more potential buyers to your ads.

Publish ads with professional quality visuals

We can't stress this enough, but the quality of the photos in your ads is crucial. After having analysed and compared more than 271 ads for 120 days, the result of our study is clear: qualitative photos can multiply the number of contact requests by four.

Your photos must have a professional image quality and faithfully reproduce the property to avoid any surprises during visits. To get quality photos you can call on a photographer or use smartphone solutions like Nodalview.

Effectively qualify your future clients

The virtual tour

Attracting people to your ad is good, but it’s even better to attract people who are actually interested in the property. With the help of visual experiences like a virtual tour, you can filter your prospects better and improve your efficiency.

With virtual tours, you filter your customers remotely and directly, and only offer in-person tours with customers who have a real intention to buy. No more afternoons spent presenting a property to visitors who will never call you back.

Pro tip 💡

To spark their interest, publish only a part of the virtual tour (without revealing the entire property) with a selection of 360° panoramas.

The guided virtual tour

A guided virtual tour is the online experience that comes closest to an in-person tour.

Solutions like Nodalview integrate a live platform letting you interact with your visitors during the tour. You have complete control over the tour, but you can also let your customers walk around your property while supervising their movements.

If your visitors are not satisfied with the property, you can move on to another one and start a new visit with one click. The guided virtual tour is a powerful real estate communication tool to quickly qualify your customers.

You now know the methods and tools to use to optimise your real estate communication. Now it's up to you to start promoting your business!

Virgile Taudière - Animator and communication manager for Laforêt

“Virtual tour is the tool to position yourself as a modern and digital agent. Our strategy is simple, as soon as we have a potential buyer on the phone, we systematically organise a guided virtual tour with them first. Result: better quality, a lot of time saved and happy customers.”


To sum up

It's all the means and tools you can use to promote your listings and your know-how. The ultimate goal of a strong real estate communication is to ensure that you increase your visibility, the number of clients and your sales.

You should publish real estate posts highlighting your listing, showcasing your success, presenting your agency and your personality or positive feedback from your clients.

Real estate video allows you to sell better, to develop your online presence and above all to reach your future clients in a different way by being present on social networks for example.


The virtual property tour allows you to effectively qualify your customers before a physical visit. You only need to travel for properties that will lead to a signature.

Moreover, offering this innovative technology meets your customers' expectations. 85% of future buyers want to make an online visit before making a first visit.

Finally, you convey a modern and professional image to obtain more mandates.