Tips for creating Facebook posts in Real estate

With more than 2.7 billion active users in the world, Facebook is a great channel to boost your online visibility. Many realtors have already taken the step by creating their own real estate page on Facebook.

To stand out, you will need to create content and develop your notoriety in order to increase your customer portfolio and boost your results.

In this article, we give you simple tips to increase the notoriety of your page and your publications.

Last updated on 08/03/2024

Choose the right illustration

To stand out from the thousands of daily posts, it's important to choose your illustration carefully. Your real estate post should always be accompanied by a visual in order to draw Facebook's users toward your content as it's the first thing that will catch people's eyes.

The use of photos

Illustrated publications receive 2 to 3 times more engagement than those without. When promoting a property on Facebook, illustrate it with a minimum of four photos to share enough information about the property.

To attract the curiosity of Facebook users, you can also add additional photos. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the quality of your photos should stay your focus point. It's what will motivate people to consult your ads!

The use of visuals

If you want to create your own illustrations, there are a number of free and easy to use websites. For example, you can use Canva.

If you want to use an image from the internet, you should use royalty free image databases such as Freeimages. You will find high quality visuals there.

Don't forget, the aim is always to arouse the interest of the user. Your visual shouldn't be too busy or too empty. Add only the necessary information that will make the customer want to know more.

The use of panoramas

If you work with panoramas, use them for your real estate post! On Facebook, panoramas move as you move your phone. It's a visual that is rarely used but super fun. It will encourage users to discover your entire portfolio. To make high-quality real estate panoramas with your smartphone that are automatically adapted for Facebook posts, you can use solutions such as Nodalview.

The use of videos

Video is the preferred content on social media. On Facebook, videos generate 135% more traffic than pictures.

Today, more than half of companies believe that Facebook is the social media that has the most impact when it comes to publishing and promoting video content.

Be careful when determining the length of your video. The level of attention on Facebook is limited, so focus on short videos that are less than 2 minutes. Keep in mind that only half of the people will watch videos that are shorter than 90 seconds. Here are some examples of videos you can share:

  • Presentations of your properties
  • Videos about your agency's news (new office, awards received...)
  • Promotional videos (new fees, special offers...)

Write only the essential

The 70/20/10 rule

In order to diversify your editorial line and to arouse the interest of users, we suggest you use the 70/20/10 rule:

  • 70 % of the published content must be related to your activity as a realtor and provide added value (advice, real estate events, sharing of articles, testimonials...)
  • 20 % of the published content must come from experts or partners. Content that you will share directly on your page.
  • 10 % of the published content will be posts dedicated to the promotion of your properties.

Highlight your properties

When you want to share one of your properties on Facebook, give the essential information that will attract your prospect and encourage them to click on the link of your ad.

You can mention :

  • the location of the property
  • the sale or rental price
  • a short description of the property ("perfect for a family of..., near..., renovated in ....")
  • a link that will take the prospect to your website
  • your contact information (the client must be able to contact you immediately)

Give priority to quality over quantity in your ads. Share your exclusive mandates and those that you think will motivate your prospects to visit your website most. This will also allow you to show your professionalism and add new properties to your portfolio.

Think about adding value to your publication

By adding extra value to your posts, you will highlight your expertise in the field of real estate. This could be tips and tricks or information they may not have yet, for example.

When you publish or re-post, the most important information should be on the visual or in the shared content (video or article). When posting something you think others will repost, make sure you shorten the text to 40-80 characters maximum.

Share content from partners and experts in your field

The purpose of these publications is to diversify your content and serve different types of followers' interests. We advise you to share publications such as:

  • Blog articles
  • Publications of your partners that are likely to interest your followers
  • Real estate news

Develop your personality

Your followers are also interested in the life and actuality of your agency and your employees. To showcase your personality on Facebook, you can create publications about:

  • Testimonials from your clients highlighting your professionalism
  • The arrival of a new employee
  • Photos and videos of you giving a tour of one of your property
  • Your events

Publish regularly and at the right time

How many publications per week?

Regularity is an important element in your publishing strategy. Without it, you will not appear often enough to engage your audience. If you publish posts regularly, when you post, it is more likely to be seen by more people. 

With few and irregular posts, you will insufficiently produce content to serve all the interests of your audience. Your visibility and the loyalty of your followers will not be good. On the other hand, flooding your Facebook page with content will only pollute your prospects' Facebook feeds and you run a high risk of your audience unfollowing you.

The recommended rate of publication on Facebook is 2 to 3 publications per week.

When to publish?

This depends on your audience and when they're mostly online - which days and what time of days. Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are generally the 4 days when a company's publications are most likely to be seen and when Facebook followers are most likely to engage with content (like, share, click, etc). Regarding publication schedules, ask yourself what time your prospects are most likely to visit Facebook.

If you're targeting workers, make sure you publish during their free time slots:

  • between 7:00 and 8:30, to be visible before the start of the working day
  • between 12:00 and 2:00 pm, during lunch break
  • between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., when your prospects get off work

Save time! Schedule your publications.

You can schedule your publications in advance for the whole week. Find out in a few steps how to publish your real estate posts in advance.

1) Go to your page and create a new publication.

2) Click on publishing tools

3) Click on schedule a publication and write what you want to publish.

4) Click on the blue arrow next to Publish and then on Schedule Publication to confirm your publication.

By following all these tips, you will maximize the effectiveness of your real estate posts and give you more chance to increase your visibility on Facebook.


To sum up

Publishing a real estate post on Facebook is a good way to stand out and develop your notoriety in order to increase your customer portfolio and boost your figures.

To make a good real estate post on Facebook, it is important to use quality visuals, to publish at the right time and to diversify your content.

You can publish real estate posts highlighting your properties, presenting your agency and your personality, or positive feedback from your clients.