Nodalview announces partnership with Matterport to unlock a modern online real estate experience

Nodalview, the innovative sales and marketing platform for real estate professionals is excited to announce its partnership with Matterport, the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world. The partnership lets agents use Matterport’s state-of-the-art digital twins on Nodalview’s unique real estate-focused sales enablement platform.

Founded in 2016, Nodalview is a European Proptech that today empowers more than 10,000 real estate professionals worldwide to better attract, engage, and qualify candidates online, by leveraging high quality property visuals including photos, virtual tours, and videos.

With the integration of Matterport digital twins to their platform, Nodalview aims to strengthen their ambition to help real estate agents use immersive content and data to deliver a modern and efficient sales process.

Last updated on 24/03/2023

A human-first approach

The strongly fragmented real estate market of which 98% of companies are micro enterprises (less than 10 FTE) is fueled by the need for buyers and sellers to find a trustworthy local and experienced professional. This is explained by real estate often representing the most significant transaction of a lifetime. This reality proves that today's consumers aren't willing to completely outsource a transaction this big and personal purely to technology, reinforcing the importance of human interaction during this process.

Becoming the preferred partner in this transaction is today's main challenge for real estate agents with buyers and sellers that have become increasingly demanding in this digital era” says Thomas Lepelaars, CEO and Co-founder of Nodalview. “Our mission at Nodalview is to build software that empowers real estate professionals to deliver a richer buying experience while keeping a human-first approach

Thomas Lepelaars, Co-Founder & CEO of Nodalview

“The real estate industry is evolving to a more digitized and connected ecosystem with high expectations on customer experience. Finding a place to call home is an important step in everyone's life and we want to help real estate agents make the experience better. With Nodalview, agents take control of all of their online marketing content in one place, generate more leads online with high quality visuals and a more efficient sales process through interactive immersive experiences”.

Thomas Lepelaars

Digital experiences are on the rise in a booming market

Like many others, the real estate industry has been shaken by the global pandemic, forcing years of digital adoption in just a couple of months. As the world began instituting stay-at-home orders, the use of virtual tours on real estate listings has boomed with a rapid adoption by consumers who wanted to search for homes in a manner that was convenient and safe for both home shoppers and homeowners. These immersive experiences have proven to be a convenient and effective way to qualify potential properties to visit, alongside traditional photography and video triggering a behavioral shift paving the way to exciting long term growth perspectives for both Nodalview and Matterport.

While virtual digital experiences are on the rise, in-person tours will always remain an important part of the traditional real estate transaction, even in the hot post-pandemic real estate market. With Nodalview's platform, agents maximize the ROI of their 3D tours by leveraging the same content multiple times in the buying or rental journey, driving innovation and efficiency to the traditional search process.

A modern, human buying experience

In real estate, each property has its unique selling points that often can't be translated visually. By combining high fidelity Matterport digital twins with Nodalview, agents can conduct immersive digital viewings. Nodalview's technology lets agents seamlessly invite potential buyers to remotely join video-enabled sessions and guide them through the digital twin as they would do during an in-person tour. While agents have full control of the tour, they can also let prospective buyers virtually walk around independently, replicating the typical experience of an in-person viewing for maximum impact.

Thanks to Nodalview, consumers combine the benefit of a Matterport experience with the comfort of having expert advice from an agent. This not only lets agents fully understand whether the property meets the search criteria of the buyers, but also lets the agents easily switch between listings, making the search even more convenient as agents can showcase multiple properties in their portfolio. All of this is possible without losing time in transportation, from the comfort of one's own home or office without the need for buyers and agents to be physically together to engage with property visits.

Alongside guided virtual tours, Nodalview also lets agents natively embed lead generation forms, track specific engagement and better understand how online leads are navigating their 3D digital twins. Ultimately, these unique data-driven insights help real estate agents not only sell faster and in a more effective way, but also enable fact-based reporting to sellers.

"We are seeing that the top performing agents are now systematically shooting virtual tours to offer this modern and convenient buying experience to both the sellers and the buyers. Agents adopting this modern sales process have a true competitive edge in a hot market, bringing a higher chance of selling faster and at the best price. We are thrilled to partner with Matterport to reinforce this experience with state-of-the-art 3D digital twins and offer the modern real estate agent the most effective tools to exceed today’s buyers and sellers expectations."

Thomas Lepelaars, Co-Founder & CEO of Nodalview

“The ability to gain access to properties virtually has become an expectation of real estate buyers around the world. For homeowners, virtual home tours drive increased visibility and digital traffic to their homes, helping them sell faster. Nodalview is a key partner in our efforts to drive the digital transformation of the built world. Together with Nodalview, we’re excited to enable more real estate agents to capture digital twins of their properties and help enhance their customer engagement experiences.”

Conway Chen, Vice President of Business Development and Alliances of Matterport


To sum up


Once you scan the property with your Matterport camera, a unique URL will be generated to view the property as a 3D virtual tour. You can easily add your Matterport public tour link into Nodalview’s web platform. Afterwards, you can easily share a preferred smart link to gain insights.


No, you need to do this on your own or have it done by a photographer or a service provider. Nodalview is a solution that allows the real estate agent, to co-attend virtual guided tours with their potential candidates, based on the virtual tour created using Matterport technology.


Nodalview gives you the ability to promote your virtual tours on various channels and gain insights on who are the interested visitors. By empowering you to interact with potential candidates during a guided virtual tour, you can better pre-qualify the buyer and understand better how the virtual tour is performing. Nodalview allows you to offer a first-class experience by the use of guided virtual tours for a more convenient and efficient way of showing properties.