The quality of your real estate photos makes the difference

On your ads, the quality of your real estate photos enhances your property and attests of your professionalism. What is a high-quality real estate photo? It is a picture that most faithfully reproduces the property. This photo must have a brightness and an impeccable image quality. To get this result, the use of bracketing technologies such as HDR or AEB is recommended.

In this article, we explain how the quality of your real estate photos directly impacts your business results. We also give you advice on how to choose the solution that best suits your needs.

Last updated on 19/09/2023

How does the quality of your real estate photos improve your business results?

Multiply the requests for contacts
When scanning online ads, prospects are attracted to photos with a sharp and bright image. Online, it is therefore important to make the difference and to do this quickly! The user's eyes will decide in a few seconds whether they are interested in your ad or not.Your photo must therefore be legible at first glance. This requires high resolution and perfect brightness. These two criteria will allow you to convey the atmosphere of the property in a photo and to arouse positive emotions. By respecting these two criteria, your professional real estate photos will allow you to double the visibility of your ads. You will get more contact requests and multiply your chances of selling.

Sell faster and with a better price
With qualitative real estate photos you reduce the selling time. The leading Dutch real estate portal Funda has conducted a survey on more than 250,000 properties. The result: the median selling time of properties highlighted with professional quality photos is 22 days shorter than others. In addition, the properties in question have a 20% higher chance of being sold.The study also shows that properties with a sale price between €200,000 and €1 million sell for between 3,500 € and 11,000 € more if they are highlighted with quality photos.

Get more properties
The professional photo is a real argument when it comes to signing more properties. The quality of the photos you use attests of your professionalism and shows the added value of your services.You will show to a seller that you use techniques of enhancement that they do not master. To do this properly, make sure that the quality of your photos is reflected in all your assignments. A perfect presentation of 100% of your portfolio brings more value than just highlighting your exclusive or exceptional properties.

Photo taken with the Nodalview's solution

What are the solutions to get professional photos?

Use a professional photographer

Professional photographers are experts who know the real estate photography contingent. They highlight spaces and light for a high quality result. It will cost you around €75 for a photo report of 15 shots. During the shooting, you must accompany the photographer on the spot in order to point out the elements you wish to emphasize in the photos.

Pro tip 💡

You don't always have time to accompany a photographer on each of your properties? Then you can opt for a stand-alone photo solution. These allow you to make quality presentations of all the properties in your portfolio without neglecting any one of them.

Equipping yourself with a professional camera

Compact cameras have the advantage of being easily transportable, but unfortunately the image quality is not always there. For a qualitative rendering choose a Reflex or Bridge camera. Count approximately €300 for a Bridge and €900 for a reflex.But no need to buy the latest equipment, the entry-level products are very satisfactory. However, if it is a question of equipping all the realtors of an agency the investment will be consequent. You should also think about training in real estate photography to make sure you capture great shot every time.

Smartphone solutions can make your life easier

Smartphone solutions make it possible to equip an entire team of realtors at a lower cost, their smartphone being the only equipment required. Each realtor is autonomous and will be able to take pictures of all the goods in your portfolio.Some solutions automatically retouch the photos, which is a considerable time saver. If you decide to use a smartphone solution, make sure that the image quality is up to scratch. Not all solutions are the same, but some like Nodalview deliver the same high quality as professional photos.


To sum up

A real estate quality photo is a photo that faithfully reproduces the real property and its prospects. The photos must benefit from an impeccable brightness and image quality. For that, the use of Bracketing technologies such as HDR or AEB is highly recommended. 

Using real estate photos of professional quality in an ad only has advantages:

  • More contact requests for each real estate ad
  • A reduction in the time of sale
  • Selling at a higher price
  • A decisive argument to be handed more mandates

There are many alternatives. Choosing which one to pick heavily depends on your needs.

  • Hire a professional photographer
  • Equipping yourself with a quality camera: Reflex or Bridge camera
  • Using a smartphone solution with high image resolution