How can you sell faster and increase your selling price at the same time?

The traditional sales process in real estate is very time-consuming for real estate agents.

After getting a listing, you have to book a photographer, pick a date that fits you both and meet together on-site. The photographer then has to edit the pictures which again, takes a few days. When the pictures are ready, you can finally start promoting your listing online through social media, immo portal and your personal website. But you still have to wait for potential buyers to contact you.

Then it’s time to follow up with the people who contacted you. You plan a couple of visits with them over the time span of a few days, which leads to potentially finding an interested buyer. That person might want to do a second visit before proposing an offer for your listing and signing an agreement.

This is a long journey to be able to sell just one property. We estimated that an agent needs around 27 days to complete this entire process from start to finish. But what if there was a faster and more efficient way? What if we told you that thanks to innovation and optimising your processes, you can decrease the time of sale and increase the selling price of your listing?

Last updated on 08/06/2023

Your listing visible online in 1 day

Shoot a property by yourself in less than 1 hour
The traditional process takes a long time. Contacting a professional photographer and getting hold of all the pictures will set you back a week, at least.

But the tide is turning: thanks to innovation and the improvement of new technology you can shoot an entire property in one hour, all by yourself. The secret? All-new smartphone solutions that are taking over the market.

With these solutions, any real estate agent can capture the property on their own, even right after signing the listing with the seller. Smartphone companies are constantly improving their camera-quality. These smartphone solutions make full use of the emerging camera technologies smartphones are equipped with these days. All the skills of a professional photographer are merged into one single application.

Now, instead of waiting a week to receive your property images, you’ll have them ready to be shared and promoted online in less than a day.

At Nodalview, we even go further than just letting estate agents capture high quality pictures. Our application lets you capture panoramas, create virtual tours and videos, too.

Be the first to publish a listing online
By getting your visual assets ready in an instant, you can start working immediately on the listing and publish it the same day. By cutting down on the time that you need to publish your listing online, you can also start working on your next property as well.

By being able to publish your listings at super speed, you benefit from several advantages:

  • You’re the first one on the market. It gives you a strong start especially if you didn’t sign the listing with an exclusive agreement;
  • You reduce your selling process by seven days;
  • You can be even more efficient by sharing your listing with the click of a button, both on social media and the real estate portal. At Nodalview, we create an automatic generator for your Facebook posts so you can sell even faster. Our tool assures high quality and attractive copy for your posts.

More impressive in-person tours

Don’t lose time on in-person tours with non-interested visitors
Every real estate agent has been there. Excited on your way to the property to do an in-person tour, but by the time you walk through the door, you already see the visitor isn’t interested. Yet, you still have to complete the visit although you feel like it’s a waste of time. Imagine saving all the time you spent going back and forth to your properties for these unnecessary visits.

With a guided virtual tour, you limit time wasted on these tours. Propose a guided virtual tour to anyone interested in visiting your property. Here, people get a first glimpse of the property online and can decide whether they are interested or not. With these guided virtual tours, you don’t lose time traveling back and forth to the property. This may not seem like a big waste of time, but if you take into account all the unnecessary in-person visits, it really is.

Filter your clients to sell faster and be more efficient
This new way of selling not only benefits you as a real estate agent in terms of logistics but also in terms of efficiency.

You now can filter and pre-qualify your clients so you don’t waste time on people that aren’t really interested in your property. This means you improve your selling time by only focusing your energy on clients that are able or very interested in buying your listing. This results in a more efficient and faster selling process.

By following this new process and pre-qualifying his clients, Arnaud Chevessier, real estate agent, managed to save more than 15 hours of work on one property.

An optimized funnel will lead to a higher selling price
By using the guided virtual tours as a pre-qualification tool, you end up only with those who are keen to buy the property. This way, it’s easier to create urgency and therefore increase the selling price.

You do this by inviting your high interest clients to in-person tours at the same time. Being all together, they’ll feel the urgency to propose an offer for the property and probably align on the asking price or even exceed it. You know they don’t want to miss out on this property, so use it to your advantage.

Since people know that the highest bid wins, and they’re in a pool of highly interested buyers, they'll be urged to exceed the asking price. Just by doing this, you set up the chance to boost your commission.

According to a research by TwentyCi, guided virtual tours have increased sales conversions 19.4%. On average, estate agents sold their property for 5.62% more money when a guided virtual tour was available.

To wrap up

The new way of selling isn’t just beneficial for the customer. It’s also beneficial for you, the real estate agent. With these top tips you can reduce your selling time from an average of 27 days to one week.

You have a quicker, more efficient way of working and you’re able to increase the selling price by using cutting edge technologies – which results in a higher commission for you. Ultimately, as you start making a name for yourself, you’ll also be able to get more listings and become the agent disrupting the market.

Try out Nodalview
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To sum up

The algorithm which our application is based on makes sure that your photos are optimized and ready to publish. Meanwhile when working with a photographer, you often have to wait several days until the pictures are ready. On top of that, you can take the pictures yourself which means you don’t lose time booking a photographer.

At the end of the process, you shouldn’t. But we are here to make sure you only have in-person tours with people who have the potential to be a buyer. Nodalview helps with pre-qualification since people that aren’t really interested will drop out during the live virtual visits. This allows you to save time and focus more on the physical visits that really matter.

Every industry is changing, digitization is taking over everywhere but the real estate industry is lagging behind. People are so used to the digital aspect during processes it only makes sense for them to experience a digital transformation in real estate. Especially if it’s a more efficient way of doing business for them as well.