4 Ways to Use Virtual Tours as a Real Estate Agent

360° virtual tours are a powerful tool that you can use to showcase your properties and attract more buyers. But what are the different ways of using virtual tours for real estate?

In this article, we will share 4 ways how 360° virtual tours can be used and how they can provide a great return on investment.

Last updated on 02/10/2023

1. Remote virtual viewings

One of the most effective ways to use 360° virtual tours is for remote virtual viewings. By offering instant viewings, you can lower barriers and encourage visitors to inquire about listings more often. This is a great way to build personal relationships with your customers early on.

In addition:

  • Virtual guided tours are especially useful for potential buyers who are located far away, abroad, or have busy schedules that make it difficult for them to visit your properties in person.
  • They allow you to show more properties in less time, all from the comfort of your own home.
  • They enable efficient buyer qualification and identification of future opportunities.

In summary, remote virtual viewings save time and resources for both you, your buyers, and your sellers!

💡 Fun fact:

8.827 live sessions were hosted on the Nodalview platform with 10.167 participants invited in total. Based on an analysis of 8999 ads from 452 agencies in France (December 2022), we estimated that hosting a guided tour virtually saves real estate agents a trip of 16.3 km (on average) for every property visit!

2. Bring your virtual tour gear to your property valuation

If you provide property valuations to get in touch with as many sellers as possible, it’s THE key moment to convince them of your skills, expertise, and services provided. Use your 360° images to create a stunning valuation report and to analyse the said property in the most optimal way! You’ll be sure to impress your selling client with that professional attitude.

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3. Track your most interested visitors with Smart Links

Pro tip 👉 Do not post the link of your virtual tour openly on the internet! It’s like giving the key to your visitor and letting them walk around alone.

Instead, you can use Smart Links to track the performance of your virtual tours. Smart forms appear at the moment when the viewer is most interested and engaged, which is after they have clicked on your panorama a few times (as opposed to just opening it). These allow you to capture their contact information and easily differentiate viewers from interested candidates.

Smart Links can provide valuable data such as:

  • the number of views,
  • time spent on the virtual tour,
  • the geographic location of the viewers.

This data is also ideal to report back to your selling client that proves the efforts of your online marketing actions!

💡 Did you know?

Virtual visits published by real estate agents that use Nodalview have received more than 49 million views, which represents a staggering average of 300 viewings per virtual visit per listings.

4. Invite your walk-ins to a first virtual visit at the agency

Many agencies display their virtual tours on screens in their agency. It’s a great way to showcase the properties in your portfolio! This allows potential buyers to get a first-hand look at the property and explore it in detail from their first walk-in at your agency. By providing virtual tours in the agency, you can save time and resources that would have been spent on scheduling and conducting physical tours. And a great first impression is guaranteed!


To sum up

360° virtual tours are a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways. 

By using them for remote virtual viewings, including them in property valuation reports, using Smart Links for tracking conversion and by showcasing properties in your agency.

Investing in 360° virtual tours is a great return on investment for real estate agents who want to stay ahead of the competition and provide a more innovative and modern approach to property marketing.