How to use digital technology to stand out as an estate agent in a hyper-competitive market

We don't have to tell estate agents: the competition in the market today is cut-throat. The number of brokers and offices has increased significantly in recent years. But the competition is not only coming from there. Sellers and landlords wonder whether they need an estate agent at all. If they eliminate that middleman, they’re left with a larger net share of the selling price. And putting an ad on a real estate portal and organising a viewing day, they can do that themselves, can't they?

As real estate agents, you have to prove your added value more than ever. You have to earn the trust of customers. In a reasonably traditional market, this can be done by fully opting for digitalisation and new technology. If sellers see that this innovative approach ensures that their property is sold faster and for more money, they will be happy to pay your commission. Especially if they also have to put much less time and effort into the sale themselves.

In four steps, we show you how to make the buyer’s journey faster and easier with our user-friendly software.

Last updated on 08/03/2024

A technology that digitizes a large part of the buyers' journey

The traditional buyers' journey for a property easily takes 30 days. It requires a lot of time and effort from all parties: the seller, the buyer and you as an estate agent. But digitalisation and e-commerce have made modern consumers more demanding. Ordered today, delivered tomorrow! 

Consumers extend these expectations when they want to buy or sell a property. In the real estate market, buyers and sellers are setting the bar ever higher for real estate agents and offices. And rightly so, if you ask us.

 has therefore developed technology that digitizes a large part of the buyers' journey. We make selling, buying or renting a property a lot more efficient and less time-consuming. How do we do this? By radically reducing the number of physical visits and moving a large part of the classic buyer's journey to digital channels.

Step 1 - Your smartphone takes pictures of the same quality as a professional photographer

The sale of a property depends on high-quality photos that paint a nice, realistic picture. In the past, you had to hire a professional photographer or at least buy expensive equipment yourself. With the mobile application and the hardware of Nodalview, you take photos that are of the same quality as those of a photographer. The lighting is adjusted automatically.

Step 2 - You get a bigger reach with stronger content

It's simple: the bigger the pond of potential buyers you fish in, the bigger the chance the seller will find a buyer and the bigger the chance that this buyer will pay a good or higher price for the property.

Do not limit yourself to one channel
, but use various channels to increase your reach: your own website, real estate portals, social media, ... Facebook and certainly Instagram are becoming increasingly important for selling or renting properties. Even TikTok is making an entrance.

It is important that you invest in strong content. Don't limit yourself to photos, but also think about videos. These score much better on social media and are also shared more often. Word-of-mouth advertising (real or virtual) remains a goldmine for estate agents as well.

Step 3 - You create an immersive user experience for potential buyers

An advertisement, a first physical visit with dozens of candidates, a second visit for the candidates who are really interested, and after a possible third visit with a buyer who bites: that is the traditional way in which many estate agents still work. That traditional way of working eats up time, both for you and for the seller.

Nodalview turns that process completely upside down
. Our technology makes it possible to easily set up virtual tours. If you have high-quality photos, you can create a virtual tour of a property with a few clicks.

You can put the virtual tour online, and you can also give explanations during a live session. You guide potential buyers through the house, from room to room. They don't have to get out of their sofa or office chair, but the virtual tour gives them an almost as realistic picture of the property as a physical visit.

That digital visit provides a first selection. Only those who are really interested remain. For that much smaller group of candidates, you then organise a physical visit afterwards. These candidates no longer come for 'just a quick visit', but are already convinced and are considering making an offer. The (guided or not) virtual tours make the group of candidates smaller, but they increase the chance of a good match.

Step 4 - You show your added value and you free up time for prospecting

Because of the time-consuming buyers' journey, the average estate agent today spends barely 35% of his time on business development, on bringing in new customers and new properties. Guided virtual tours make selling or renting a property more efficient and faster.

This frees up more time for prospecting. You can reinvest in the growth of your business. The confidence of sellers and buyers is boosted by the smooth buyers' journey and the greater chance of a successful transaction. There is a good chance that they will come back to you when they have relocation plans in x years from now. In this way, you don't only gain time to bring new customers on board, but the technology of Nodalview also ensures extra loyal customers.

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To sum up

The buyer's journey is the process that a seller/buyer or landlord/tenant goes through on their way to a successful end sale. The important thing to know here is that the needs and questions of your stakeholders change during the different phases of this process. The beginning is mostly about discovery, demand and supply without much commercial intent. As the process progresses, the need becomes more concrete and the intent increases.

The smooth buyer's journey and increased likelihood of a successful transaction boosts the confidence of sellers and buyers. Chances are they will come back to you again when they have relocation plans x-years down the road. Word-of-mouth advertising (real or virtual) remains golden for real estate agents as well.

Yes, potential buyers and tenants always look at the photos first. Only when they like them will they read the description of a property. Good photos also ensure that ads score better in the feed of public real estate sites. So make sure you pay enough attention to quality photos.