Time for acceleration!

The global real estate market cooldown isn’t holding us back. We have achieved sustained growth and continue to win new market share. We have secured an investment round of €4M to fuel our ambition to become the #1 platform for real estate professionals and take advantage of the unique current market conditions.

Last updated on 21/03/2023

Rebalancing of the market

Over the previous 2 years, the demand for real estate has surged, generating a record number of transactions across Europe. Combined with low interest rates, this has put home sellers in a favourable position, needing little effort to attract (hungry) buyers. But today’s unfavourable macroeconomic context is now rebalancing the market back to its pre-pandemic levels. Although a portion of transactions are still taking place, inflation and recent interest rate spikes have lowered the appetite of buyers. This leads to uncertainty amongst sellers about whether the time is right to put their house on the market, unsure if they will get an attractive offer putting real estate agents at risk.

The return of the buyer experience

Recent research we did revealed that a staggering 88% of properties listed by agents on the main property portals in France and Belgium are still not leveraging modern buyer-friendly technologies beyond regular photography. These include 360° interactive tours, schematic 2D floor plans (<10% of listings), or even property videos (<1% of listings).

“For years the experience for home seekers has been neglected,” says Thomas Lepelaars co-founder & CEO of Nodalview. ”Complex market conditions make it more important than ever for real estate professionals to prove they can successfully attract and find the right buyers, especially in an evolving digital world”. The demanding context is requiring agents to double down their efforts to successfully market properties online and source qualified leads. This shift of power is putting the home-buying experience back in the focus of agents which presents a unique opportunity!

Supporting agents to maximise property value and modernise the transaction

One of the unique aspects of our platform, is that it leverages regular smartphones, transforming them into a visual marketing powerhouse to give you full autonomy and endless possibilities to make properties stand out. Advertise properties effectively with amazing AI-powered photos, immersive 360° virtual tours, catchy videos, and schematic 2D floor plans guaranteeing maximum visibility as buyers become less abundant.

Our platform also delivers an innovative sales enablement solution allowing you to engage with potential leads in a modern way reusing those high-quality visual assets. Connect with leads and guide them through multiple properties remotely. Fully immerse potential buyers with a 360° filter and present properties that best match the research criteria of your prospect and build a human interaction early on all while calibrating their interest. This ultimately saves valuable time - allowing you to reserve in-person viewings for the most interested leads. This guarantees a convenient and successful transaction for homeowners bringing them the best potential buyers.

Nodalview's latest innovation gives you greater visibility for listings by leveraging more online channels and generating leads directly from social media platforms. This transforms every estate agent into a digital marketeer helping you to create and publish automatic posts and monitor lead generation - essentially making it easier to attract and engage with the wide pool of potential online customers on those platforms.

New funding

Despite a challenging market, we closed a €4M funding round bringing our total investment to date to over €10M. Existing backers PROfounders Capital, Kfund & Volta Ventures all participated in the round as well as new investor finance&

“Nodalview caught our attention as we believe it holds the potential to drive modernisation of the home buying experience, ultimately leading to less friction in this multi-billion industry that touches nearly every citizen” - Antoine Kuypers, finance&

Nodalview’s technology has already helped over 1.000.000 properties stand out online and is used by agents in over 30 countries. We will continue to expand in our core markets while continuing to broaden our product within the real estate value chain.

“We’ve seen the real estate industry evolve to a more digitised and connected ecosystem. Expectations for customer experience are high and that will only increase in the future. We continue to believe that finding a place to call home is an important step in everyone's life and we are excited to continue to support estate agents to make that experience better and easier for everyone”. Thomas Lepelaars - Co-founder & CEO