How to Remain Competitive With the Real Estate Virtual Tour?

With the Coronavirus crisis, the use of virtual tour for real estate has multiplied. For Olivier Alonso, CEO of the Nestenn Group: "The business is changing and the commercial approach has changed: nobody wants to waste time anymore, neither the client nor the agent. By presenting a selection of virtual tours to the customer, you save time and efficiency. If the customer is seduced on the virtual side, he will certainly be seduced during the visit."

The real estate virtual tour offers many advantages and it would be a pity to miss it. In this article, we will analyze the reasons why you should adopt it and give you the keys to get started. 

Last updated on 19/09/2023

Why does the real estate virtual tour increase your commercial performance?

To meet the expectations of your customers

A virtual visit completes your ads and gives the opportunity to your prospects to better discover the property. It makes it easy for your prospect to take into consideration the arrangement of the spaces. According to an Ifop survey carried out for Optimhome, 85% of future buyers wish to visit the property virtually before a first visit. When it comes to looking for second homes, the demand is even greater. The objective is to visit only properties that fully correspond to the criteria.

The opinion of relatives is sometimes decisive, as the family is sometimes the guarantor or is often asked for their opinion. With the virtual tour they also can discover the property, which avoids the need to travel for second visits.

Pro tip 💡

To arouse the curiosity of prospects without revealing the entire property, you can also choose to broadcast only part of the virtual tour with a selection of 360 panoramas.

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Become a dynamic estate agent

To optimise your prospecting

Prospecting is a time-consuming and sometimes laborious exercise. The virtual tour allows you to do less for more results. You can qualify your prospects remotely without having to travel. In addition, you only make physical visits with truly interested customers and avoid customers without a desire to buy. This speeds up the sales process. According to a Seloger study, properties sell five times faster with an ad that includes a virtual visit. The selling period is reduced by 21 days on average.

To obtain more properties

The competition is strong on the real estate market, it is crucial to stand out when promoting your property. Offering virtual tours gives you an undeniable advantage. You show your sales prospects that you have technologies and sales techniques to which they do not have access.

This is a real argument for being entrusted with more properties, especially exclusive ones. A survey of 5,000 users conducted by Belgium's leading real estate portal, Immoweb, shows that 80% of owners prefer to entrust their property exclusively to an agent offering virtual visits.

To boost the visibility of your online ads

The virtual tour also has an impact on the distribution of your ad. Its chances of being shared on social networks increase by 60%. The 3D and image format of virtual tours is also particularly appreciated by real estate portals. Ads containing virtual tours are better referenced and will appear first on the search results of online portals."You multiply by three the number of contact requests on each ad" underlines the director of Seloger and Logic-immo, the leading real estate portals in France.

How to set up a virtual real estate tour?

Shoot the property at 360°

The virtual tour consists of an assembly of 360 panoramas. But what is a 360 panorama? It is a single 360 degree shot that combines the equivalent of 4 photos in a single shot.To make a virtual tour, the first step is to take 360 panoramas in each room of the property. You will need to take one panorama per room or more for very large rooms. It will take a little less than 3 minutes to take each panorama.

Getting well equipped

The image quality of the panoramas is very important for your virtual tours. Your customers expect the same quality when they look at a static image as when they move around in the panorama. To obtain a quality rendering, you will need to equip yourself with a 360 camera or simply use your smartphone. Find our detailed article on the different 360 solutions to make your choice.

Setting up a virtual tour

Once you have captured the asset from all angles, you will need to do some editing to assemble the 360 panoramas. To do this, you can choose editing software but you will then have to create the virtual tour on specialized software.

Pro tip 💡

Choose an all-in-one solutions like Nodalview. This will save you time and money.

Now, it's your turn!

Once the virtual tour has been created, all you have to do is publish it on your website and real estate portals. You can also use it to invite your prospects for a virtual guided tour. From the panoramas of your virtual tour, you will guide and interact with your customers as in a classic visit.


To sum up

The virtual visit consists of an assembly of several 360 panoramas which allows to propose visits of properties online. The virtual property tour is an excellent way to pre-qualify a client before considering a physical visit. It also offers an immersive and innovative experience appreciated by more than 85% of future buyers

The virtual real estate tour has many advantages:

  • Time saving: 10 minutes are enough to visit a property online.
  • Flexibility: you don't have to travel for each visit.
  • Control: even if you are not present on site, you control the visit.
  • Qualification: pre-qualify a prospect to select only those customers who are really interested.

Many solutions exist, all based on the same principle. Taking 360-degree photos of each part of a property, which are then assembled using specialised software or websites.

There are also all-in-one solutions such as Nodalview, where the capture of photos and the creation of visits are simply done from your smartphone and an intuitive connected interface.