How to create an impactful real estate video

By 2021, video should account for 80% of all internet traffic according to a recent Cisco study. As a realtor, making videos is a real opportunity you need to seize.

You will demonstrate your professionalism and communicate about your properties by reaching a wide range of online prospects. However, this technique is not very common among realtors, most often due to a lack of idea about the content of the videos they can produce.

This article gives you the keys to making impactful real estate videos and ideas for effective and easily achievable video scenarios.

6 keys to a successful real estate video

Make sure of the quality of your video

Make sure that your videos have sufficient brightness and quality sound. For static videos, it is recommended that you stabilise your camera or smartphone using a tripod. Go for a neutral background so your customer are not distracted with details unrelated to the content of your video.

To ensure quality sound, an adjustable microphone plugged on your smartphone is the ideal option.

Determine exactly who you want to reach

Which neighbourhoods do they prefer? What is their budget? Are they moving with their family or alone? What type of housing are they looking for? The answers to these questions will help you determine the type of content you share.

By limiting the content, instead of trying to target everyone, you are more likely to attract the right targets and increase your client list.

Take 10 minutes to write a mini-script

Before you start recording, prepare a script for each scene. This will allow you to enjoy the recording with confidence and without stage fright.

Ideally, you should create a two-column table. In the first column, you describe the scene and the points you are going to cover. In the second column, you list the logistics needed for each scene: equipment, set, props, etc. Thanks to this script you will have a clear vision of the content of your video scene by scene and will be more comfortable during the recording.

Pro tipūüí°

Always keep the cut scenes from your recordings, they can be used for making-off videos, ideal for building loyalty and entertaining your subscribers.

Give your video a professional look

To do this, include thumbnails in your videos as well as start and end credits. This will also help you later on to showcase your real estate Youtube channel.

Free sites like Canva allow you to create this type of visual easily.

Pay attention to the length of your video

Please note that up to 30 seconds, 85% of your audience will see the video through to the end. The more seconds go by, the more this audience decreases.

As you can see, it is preferable to use short videos. Not only because it is easier to get the attention of Internet users, but also because the shorter a video is, the more likely it is to be shared on other online platforms.

Make sure you announce the subject of your video very quickly to avoid losing your audience with an introduction that is too long.

How to know if your video is successful?

To get started, set yourself some objectives by following the method of the 10 : 

  • Have at least 10% of the Internet users who had the opportunity to watch your video actually watched it?
  • How many people stopped watching your video after 10 seconds?
  • Did at least 10% of the users who saw your video comment on it?

By answering these questions you will find the areas for improvement by determining whether the presentation of your video makes Internet users want to watch it and whether its content arouses their interest.

5 easy real estate video scenarios

The testimonial video

Customer testimonials are an excellent showcase for your professionalism. Video testimonials speak louder than written testimonials because your prospects can identify more with the people who testify.

These videos can also serve as a trailer for your channel and give your audience a glimpse of the benefits you offer your customers.

Video with value-added content

The most viewed videos are those that bring useful content to your audience. As a realtor, you are already an expert and know tips on real estate topics. So all you have to do is start the camera to talk about a subject you know.

Give a written title in the form of a question and make a short video to answer it while providing interesting tips for your audience.

You should also give priority to content that is likely to interest potential customers. Renovations or loan negotiations are subjects that concern future buyers. By answering their questions, you make yourself known and gain their trust.

A video tour of a neighbourhood or region in which your properties are located

The sector is one of the main search criteria for buyers.
 It is therefore important to show the surroundings of the properties you offer: the neighbourhood, shops and schools for example. You allow buyers to project themselves and to demonstrate your professionalism to potential selling clients.

The video of a property

The content of some of your videos must obviously promote your goods. Make a video of the property by describing it and emphasising its particularities and positive points. For a dynamic effect, integrate photos and 360-degree panoramas into your video for even more immersion.

Pro tipūüí°

Pay particular attention to the image quality of your videos and editing. The Nodalview smartphone solution allows you to capture high quality visuals and edit real estate videos easily by integrating your panoramas and photos.

The video on the state of the property market 

Post videos that explain the evolution of the market in which you operate. This approach positions you as a reliable and informed source. In this way, you educate your prospects and customers by providing them with useful information.

It also involves creating a weekly or monthly meeting with users. To do this, broadcast this type of video at regular intervals and always on the same day of the week.

We hope you found this article useful and inspiring, please also read our article on how to create your own Youtube real estate channel.


To sum up


A real estate video allows you to sell better, develop your online presence and above all, reach your future customers in a different way by being present on social networks for example.


On social networks, you can publish :

  • promotional videos of your properties
  • customer testimonies
  • video presentation of yourself, your agency or your colleagues
  • videos on the real estate market in which you operate
  • tours of a district or region in which your property is located


Short videos are the most effective. 85% of your audience will see your video through to the end if it lasts less than 30 seconds. Above this duration, the audience viewing of your entire real estate video will drastically drop. It is in your interest to offer short and dynamic videos on YouTube.