Capture the attention of potential customers with powerful images

Do you feel that you are increasingly living in informational chaos with total democratisation in terms of availability, access, and consumption of content? I do and I imagine that you understand what I'm saying. All we have to do is browse through our social networks (after all, who doesn't have at least one?) to realise that the supply and noise of content, whether written, image, or video, is too much, impossible to aggregate, and almost always deafening. Capturing the attention of a message and much more, of a potential client becomes a great challenge for all professionals who want to show that they exist and especially, that they want to differentiate themselves.As this is also my daily challenge, I write here some steps that I consider essential and which are based on the experience of some real estate agents who have already put them into practice. These steps made them stand out through what probably captures the attention of their potential client the most: their images.

Last updated on 08/06/2023

Different yes, but different with relevance

The basic principle of Content Marketing. To communicate is essential to know what, for what, to whom, and how you should write, post, make videos, create an ad, or simply create an image. It is fundamental to understand why and for whom you are doing it: who is your target audience, group, or community, more specifically, who is your persona, that is, what does your target feel, like and how does he live if you had to define him as a single person?

It will certainly be much easier to understand if what you are communicating will capture the attention of this persona because it is useful and meets their wishes and needs and very importantly meets the quality parameters expected by them. Remember, a powerful image is worth a thousand words, if you don't do this strategic work beforehand, all your effort will bet purely on your luck, and "luck" in any business is built with vision, strategy, planning, and action.

Quality endures over time

Another basic principle, quality (if well crafted and communicated) is a differentiating factor and endures over time. The quality of the image of your videos and photos for your business is a key differentiating factor. Sometimes we think we can be more spontaneous online and not obey certain parameters, but it's not quite like that. Less well-framed pictures, out of focus, and even with unnecessary visual information will set the tone of your level of service. Even if it seems unfair to judge only by the image, the truth is that others will judge and choose you exactly by what they see in the first place. That sometimes does not open the opportunity to move on to the second phase of contact.

Many people think that because their market is a lower segment, it will not be necessary to give so much importance to the image quality. Nothing could be further from the truth, even low-cost businesses rely on powerful images to stand out in the prospect's perception as a credible and trustworthy business, two key points in real estate sales and any sale of value. Don't work over your head, your reputation is fundamental to your brand and once again, your images, say a lot about you.

Images with emotions definitely get more attention

Have you ever been moved by seeing a photo or a video? I bet you have. Whenever you take a photo or make a video, don't forget to understand what emotions will arouse. The simplest formula to make an emotion happen is to know how to create a narrative, a journey, a story when you create your photos or videos. For example, how many times have you stopped on your feed on Facebook or another social media network because of a video that tells you a story, or a sequence of images that are so well ordered? It created interest and suspense in a certain story, be it about a person, a service, or a product. Define the story of your images with a beginning, middle, and end.

Tell a story as if it were a film, but do not tell the whole film. Save special images for more direct contact with your potential customer so that he is dazzled by the visit, and not disappointed. For example, opt for the coming soon technique, as if it were a trailer for a film that will soon premiere in your estate agency and that if you want to watch more, you will have to contact him or sign up for access to exclusive images and information.

Be creative

Creativity is the magic word that is guaranteed to capture and attract customers! First, define your communication style and tone, as well as your image and clothing. Always be aware of the context, i.e. your target audience and positioning area. Always ask yourself, will these people identify with you? Work on your points of differentiation because your brand image must reflect your identity (vision, mission, values, convictions, emotions).

Your photos, your videos, your music, your colors, your way of speaking must be identifiable and above all, authentic. It will always be important to see other professionals stimulate your creativity, but don't clone anyone. After all, outsiders can easily see that you are copying, and there is nothing less creative and ethical than trying to copy someone else. Instead, try to be inspired, share, and reference with whom you identify. Today there are many examples of this good practice around the world.

1,2,3... action

Knowing how to do it, is essentially doing it. Many people plan their photos and videos well with everything to go right, but perhaps out of laziness of action, fear or simply, because they don't believe in the power of an image, they end up not doing it. If they don't, they'll never know their true potential, so even if the first few videos or images don't turn out perfect, don't worry, with feedback and practice, the next time will definitely be better, and better and better.

And remember, doing it once won't be enough to capture the real attention of your potential customer, you'll have to plan well how you're going to use your images and videos to ensure a certain consistency. Either in production, but mainly in providing relevant content. Finally, measure everything you do to see if you're really on the right track and if you're really grabbing your prospect's attention with powerful images!

Remember, no one can sell anything to anyone without first getting their attention!


To sum up


Focus on the content you share and always think about what you want to say, who you want to reach, and how you want to share this content. Also, remember that diversity is important! Share text, but also quality images, videos, panoramas, and even virtual tours to attract your potential clients to your properties.


Your videos and photos' quality image for your business is a key differentiating factor. Less well-framed pictures, out of focus, and even with unnecessary visual information will set the tone of your level of service. Even if it seems unfair to judge only by the image, the truth is that others will judge and choose you exactly by what they see in the first place. That sometimes does not open the opportunity to move on to the second phase of contact.