Achieve a 100% selling rate

Sebastien Tedesco, one of the leading influencers in real estate marketing shared some of his key tips on how to sell your listing at a 100% success rate. These marketing tips and tools are simple to implement at any time and will help you boost your sales.

Last updated on 08/03/2024

Take care of the quality and presentation of your listings

Visuals as a signboard for your real estate office

Converting your listings into sales is essential and depends entirely on the way you market your properties. You must therefore put all the chances on your side by integrating the principles of real estate marketing into your working method.

The promotion of properties has evolved considerably with the arrival of modern media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn. To increase the visibility of your properties and the chances of selling them quickly, you must align your services with these new standards.

First of all, make sure you always deliver visuals of impeccable quality. Your photos, 360° panoramas, virtual tours and promotional videos must be of excellent quality. You have plenty of capturing solutions these days. An example is our Nodalview capturing application. The application allows you to use your smartphone-camera, but also offers third-party integrations such as Ricoh and Matterport.

In addition to the visual quality of your properties, the distribution of your social media ads is also essential. Every property is different and the way you promote them online should be as specific as possible. Each social media platform also has its own way of publishing. For example, you will not display your visual ads in the same way on Facebook as on Instagram. They both have different standards and people use both channels in various ways.

Enrich the experience for your buyers with innovative content

Building a relationship with the customer the digital way

Your customers' vision and desires have changed. They want to interact with you in the most personal way possible without feeling like they are just one of many numbers. New technologies in real estate allow this to happen.

By differentiating yourself from your competitors through innovative content like virtual tours or online live guided visits, you maximise your chances of closing deals very rapidly. Integrate some of them into your way of working and give all your stakeholders an exclusive experience.

Sébastien Tedesco strongly believes in guided virtual visits. At first you can give potential candidates a direct link to the property so they can have a quick look already via a virtual tour. Afterwards you can schedule a guided virtual tour with them to give more insights and answer their questions on the spot. Solutions such as Nodalview offer a video conferencing system integrated with the virtual tour to guide your visitors through the property.

So forget about sending numerous emails to arrange a simple meeting. It's a waste of time for both you and your buyers. From now on, you should offer easy access to your online calendar by providing available time slots.

Maximize the chances of selling your property

The virtual tour is a solution that offers numerous advantages. However, there is one more benefit that is crucial to increasing sales: buyer discovery.

As you know, it is not uncommon for buyers to purchase a property that is very different from what they initially indicated. Because often they are not aware of all the possibilities available to them. As a result, they don't put the right sales plan in front of their real needs.

To help them discover more possibilities and maximise your chances of selling, the virtual tour is ideal. It allows you to present numerous properties in a record time. You can therefore take more risks by presenting properties that differ from the initial criteria.

Offer more transparency towards your sellers

Let's face it, converting 100% of your real estate mandates depends on the success of negotiations between sellers and buyers. Therefore it makes much more sense to share the process with your seller and be transparent about the actions you take for their listing. This enables you to involve them in the promotional phase of selling their property.

This way of working allows you to communicate with your customers in an ongoing and professional manner. Don't neglect more spontaneous communication either. For example, you can send a text message when you are doing a photo shoot of the property or to announce the number of visits planned for the week.

The growing demand for virtual visits makes sense when taking into account all the advantages it offers. As a real estate agent, you appear more professional by offering them. Besides that, you are able to work more efficiently. Decrease time waste and increase chances of sales, nothing but advantages when talking about virtual visits!


To sum up


If people have the opportunity to do a virtual visit when they see a listing, there is a greater chance they will click the listing. Candidates get a realistic picture of the property so they immediately know whether it meets their requirements.


The virtual tour can be done when someone clicks on your advertisement. A guided virtual tour is much more personal because you have constant interaction with the visitors. When you do a guided virtual tour and the property does not appeal to the visitors, another property is only a mouse click away.


The guided virtual visit has numerous advantages:

  • Time saving: 10 minutes is enough to show a property online
  • Flexibility: you no longer have to travel for each visit
  • Control: even without being present on the spot, you have control over the visit
  • Qualification: pre-qualify a prospect so you can select proceed with the truly interested customers